Waffle House dedicated thread

I hear they have good waffles.

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Good for them, and I hope to see these actions continue to the point that they are effective.


The hash browns - fresh – are excellent, and they’ll give you nice crisp bacon, never limp. And many/most places mess up an over-easy fried egg by cooking them too long and letting the yolk solidify. I just had that happen in NY


A good fry cook can serve up something that looks just like over easy but is actually a snotty white and almost cool yolk. Sometimes an extremely cantankerous customer gets those.


I know I’ll be in a tiny minority on this, but I really want one of those.

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Just flip it before anything sets and then serve it right away, the instant the former top, now the bottom, will hold. It is much easier on a big griddle where the spatula is used to roll the eggs over, not plucking them up and flipping them. I like snotty eggs, too, but I do mine folded and sprinkled with chives. The French love their scrambled eggs baveuse, too. I love using that word.

In my personal opinion WH hash browns (plain and crispy ) are no different than Denny’s or IHOP. I’ve been wanting to this say this for some time. Phoenicia I think you might be disappointed in your WH experience. I know it’s on your bucket list. But it is what it is . A plain old diner really.,

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A new word I will need to add to my vocabulary.

The missus and I disagree SHARPLY on the proper doneness of eggs I love me a half set, slightly underdone poached over toast. Creamy scrambles with chives you need to mop up with bread.

She wants them COOKED, damnit. Set up. Solid.

And yet she loves oysters. Go figure.

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I like 'em all. Heck, I’ve even enjoyed powdered eggs. Poached, coddled, folded, scrambled, over easy, omelette, frittata…I could not pick a favorite. Usually the other breakfast elements drive the decision.

Doing my best Homer Simpson, Doooh. If you have plain and crispy, you’re completely missing the point.

Scattered, smoothered and covered is my go to order. Occasionally add country.


and peppered, please.



Now i know both what the end times will look like and where i should be.
I will take mine covered, peppered and smothered.
Seriously, though, that is a very cool photo.


I was not the least cantankerous or rude and got two of those last week on a visit outside Savannah. They didn’t mind refiring the egg order for me, though, and their eggs were more flavorful than Cracker Barrel’s.