Wading River Pizza Rocks!!

Wading River pizza is the best!! There is lots of competition in that small town and they excel. Fabulous pizza and pasta too.
I’ve only done take out or delivery but the ambience is inviting.
Last night I stopped by and ordered a Grandma pie (square pie) with extra sauce and anchovies. They always have some sort of coupon special and it was only $15.
They were busy so I went to the “liberry” to pick up an audio book. When I returned the counter man could not find my pie. He apologized and said he would make it right away at no charge so I went to the market. When I returned the Grandma pie (a square pie) was ready. It seems they made a mistake and made a round pie in error the first time. He gave me both pies for free. I love this place.
Customer service as it should be.