Vox on New Year's Eve - North Salem, NY

I have to say, Vox does a great job on the holidays. We went for the early seating last night. The place was packed and service a bit slower then usual - the chef does tend to get overwhelmed with crowds, but nothing that was not manageable. Our waiter was funny and attentive. We started with an amuse of house cured gravlax with American caviar. I have to admit, I can’t eat a lot at once so DH had both our appetizers, Oysters (though he opted for cocktail sauce over the advertised mignonette) and Terrine of foie gras, which he said was terrific. It was served with a pineapple-clementine marmalade. We both went for the rack of lamb which was a great piece of meat. It had a nice lamb flavor without being gamey and was served with a rosemary jus. They were very nice and let me have the potato cake that came with the filet rather than the herbed red potatoes that came with the lamb. I love potato cake!! Dessert was a trio and only 33% successful. The mini creme brulee was wonderful, but the chocolate mouse was white chocolate and tasted like sugar, and was very dense. The chocolate cup it was served in was ok. Then there was a small baba au rhum, made by Sophie the owner, which may have been good, but not my favorites. There were also dark chocolate truffles served with coffee.

In all, a very enjoyable evening! Sophie, Jean and their daughter Leah are wonderful hosts and know how to throw a party!


Thanks, Gwenn. The lure of the bistro menu. Will have to get back there; it has been a while and it is a pretty drive…

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold

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