Vote here on location and date for June HOdown! POLL NOW CLOSED

Hi everyone! Please complete both polls-- the one below regarding location, and the forthcoming link to the poll on the Doodle website where you can put in your date availability for a Saturday in June. The poll will close next Friday, May 19. Thanks!

  • Imperial Wok
  • Chappaqua Farmers’ Market
  • Captain Lawrence
  • BarTaco
  • Exit 4
  • Cookery
  • Central Seafood
  • Aberdeen

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Here is the link to the Doodle poll for the Saturday in June (3rd, 10th, or 24th). This is a cool website-- you can indicate your availability for more than one. The exact time we can work out among those interested.

(Edited to add the dates we are voting on)

Though I was unable to do so, may I say that I’d also vote for Bartaco? Thanks for organizing!

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Thanks for voting. Can you do the poll regarding the date too?

I thought I did for 6/10. It didn’t work?
Edit: Apparently not. I received confirmation this time.

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Great, deleted

I didn’t see venue results, but I could see date results.

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If you click “show results” you should be able to see the tally of votes so far. Let me know if there are any issues. So far it looks like it’s working.

Oh, I didn’t realize I was the only voter thus far. I guess I did see the results after all. Sorry for causing so much confusion.

Just as an FYI I voted for Aberdeen, just because I didn’t know you could actual create a page like this. I was just playing around, I’m not in NY/Con, sorry for the false vote.

Come anyway!!!

Oh, I thought that was homestyleturkeys vote. Crap, maybe it’s not working then.

I shall report you to the feds conducting the illegal voting inquiry.


It was the Russians!!


Reminder-- the polls will close tomorrow.

Since right now we have a four way tie for venue, the attendees for the chosen date will break the tie. Us mods (me, @winecountrygirl, and @biondanonima) will vote in the second round. We abstained in the first round.

The date chosen will simply be the one with the most “yes” votes in the Doodle poll.

So… last call to make your voice heard for this event!

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Shouldn’t I be the tie breaker?
(My vote can easily be bought)


Everyone, the poll is closed.

Someone voted for Aberdeen today but did not fill out the Doodle poll for date. We can’t see who voted for what, so I’m reaching out to whoever voted for Aberdeen today and asking you to please go to the Doodle date poll ASAP and vote for your preferred date. If that doesn’t happen in the next couple days we will have to go forward. Thanks.

The date of the HOdown will be June 10 as the most respondents can come then. @Homestyleturkey @Foodygrandma @winecountrygirl @biondanonima we will be voting again on location between Aberdeen, Chappaqua market, Capt Lawrence and the Cookery. I’ll start a new thread. @Sra.Swanky, who also voted, so sorry that June 10 doesn’t work for you. :frowning: If your plans change please let us know if you can attend!!

Looking forward to June 10!!