Von Trapp Bierhall, Stowe VT


Drink some amazing beer, fresh and hard cider, play frisbee golf, eat well, catch some frogs, drink some more, sing sound of music tunes…



This place would be right up my alley. Loved the movie and know all the songs by heart. I’d be singing away.

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@Trumpetguy @Miss_belle

Check it out if you’re ever up that way or make Stowe a destination. Lots to do all seasons.

The great beer at Trapp is an added bonus. For other beer aficionados Hill Farmstead, The Alchemist & Zero Gravity all very solid.


Obviously taste is very subjective but calling Hill Farmstead and Zero Gravity very solid is very much underselling them - they have some outstanding beers and I would ranking them far, far ahead of van Trapp.


Beautiful spot. Decent beer. Its nice to be able to sit outside with the dogs.

Foodwise they really fell off during the pandemic. They, self admittedly, had a lot of turn over in the kitchen and have had to limit reservations and capacity because of staffing. Portions were shrunk significantly and the quality of some ingredients went down, while prices increased.


had a beer at most of these places a few years ago. Alchemist is certainly the most renound, and had some of the biggest beers, Von trappe’s beer is certainly solid, and what a setting! Great to hear they are still doing well.


In that area, the Stowe Public House is a great place to sample (and purchase) a wide variety of VT’s best offerings. Close by in Waterbury the Blackback Pub has a lot of great stuff on tap (including the biggest variety of Hills Farmstead I have seen away from the brewery). Blackback also offers some creative and delicious pub grub.

The Alchemist is still popular. Personally I could never drink another Heady Topper or Focal Banger and be quite happy. Friends sure do get excited when I bring some home for them though. As far as individual breweries I enjoy Foam (Burlington) and Hills Farmstead. The word is well out on Hills, but it is helped by their remote location. It’s can be a tough trip during winter and mud season, keeping the horde (somewhat) at bay. I enjoy some of the offerings from Wunderkammer. He brewed at Hills for a long time and is doing some creative things with local ingredients.

In general, when I spend a lot of time on VT I get IPA fatigued very quickly. I’d like to see more of these great breweries focusing on other varieties. That has gotten better but is still slow in developing. I guess they produce what sells. It’s interesting though, I know more and more people who admit to being over IPA’d when the topic comes up. Same thing in this area with Treehouse, great beer but they really need more variety.


Cool @bbulkow and @uni The Pilsner and Vienna beer were among the best I had in town. Understated. Just my taste I suppose. But lots of good options around town. Portions were more than we could eat and the prices much lower than used to. Simple stuff like pretzels and beer cheese, sausages, etc a-ok with us. The location had lots offer, the staff super friendly, all and all a great place to whittle away an afternoon with family and kids while dad could still have a few beers. Thanks for the other tips everyone.


If you enjoyed Trapp, you should try to go back in December sometime. The property is truly special at Christmas time.

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It is Hill Farmstead not Hills Farmstead. As for Treehouse, I’m not sure what you’re looking for in terms of variety. There is plenty of lagers and pilsners available that are well executed. The draft list is impressive.

Thank god, the grammar police are here! These boards need more like you.

IPAs and related variants greatly outnumber other offerings at Treehouse. Beyond that, for my taste their lagers and pilsners don’t come close to the level of their IPAs. If you enjoy them, that’s great.

20 different options for pilsners and lagers on draft using the lukr system is remarkable. What breweries lagers or pilsners do you prefer?

An embarrassment of riches. Conduct of Life from Hill Farmstead is the best beer I’ve ever tasted.


Hi, if anyone’s up in Stowe on Saturday or wants to be, there’s the Octoberfest celebration there

Events at von Trapp Brewing in Stowe, VT

Either way, have a beer and a pretzel wherever you are…cheers

And thinking of the favorite food scene in movie thread, there are too many to list from Beerfest…


for the history buffs . . .
the von Trapp family home - where many of the Sound of Music scenes were filmed . . .
eventually operated as a religious retreat . . . and they were not impressed with the kabillions of tourists flocking to /around the house…

the religious order finally gave up and sold the property - it is now operating as a hotel

we were there in winter, so we could walk across the ‘pond’ for the shot below.
it’s a reproduction of the movie scene/prop - and relocated across the pond . . .


Sorry to be a bit off topic, but we visited the Stowe area and included the somewhat local Ben & Jerry’s factory. Jerry was on-site giving an interview to a local journalist student, and following hung around for hours letting people get selfies with him. (I was sitting on a bench while wife and kids toured the “graveyard” of old flavors.)

What a truly nice gentleman. Wow.