Visiting Boston [Boston, MA]

Hi there,

Visiting from Vancouver for a weekend in July.
Interested in interesting and great Boston dining.
Lots of sushi where we live so would like to avoid sushi, Japanese is fine otherwise!

Was thinking of Sarma and one of the Barbara Lynch restaurants for dinner (Menton or No Park 9). Arrive quite late on Friday and it looks like can be difficult to find a restaurant that’s open late. Perhaps SRV? Love cocktails so will try to hit up Backbar, Blossom Bar, and Drink. For the late night wine bar at Tasting Counter, is that walk-in only?

Any other suggestions? Appreciate it!

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It’s nothing terrible fancy but we liked Moonshine 152 for late night eats (burger is very nice) and cocktails (kitchen is open until 1am)

Though we tend to shut down early, I think you’ll enjoy your visit!

No. 9 Park and Menton are each superb in their own way. No. 9 Park is Lynch’s flagship. Both offer tasting menus, or a la carte. One of the signature dishes at No. 9 Park is the prune gnocchi with foie gras - with good reason. It’s incredible. No. 9 also used to offer cocktail flights. Or try the Slovenian sparkler to start - it is shipped undisgorgred, and they disgorge it tableside inverted in a clear bucket of water using a special tool to wrench the cork off. No. 9 is directly opposite the Boston Common, next to the State House, and the setting is iconic.

Menton is located in the revitalized Seaport district. It’s a lovely room but the area is less interesting for walking - unless you walk a couple of blocks over to the harbor walk.

Though you have great seafood in Vancouver, I recommend exploring the somewhat distinctive seafood scene in Boston. East coast oysters are a different variety from west coast oysters. Several great oyster bars are worth a visit. B & G Oysters (a Barbara Lynch restaurant) offers an oyster shucking “class” that includes a tour of east coast oysters from north to south, and the contrasts due to temperature and salinity are interesting. Select Oyster Bar and Saltie Girl in the Back Bay are other good options. Saltie Girl specializes in tinned fish boards, and their terrace on Newbury Street is great for people watching too. Also try some of their crudo - the scallop is one of the best dishes in town. Speaking of crudo, Bar Mezzana has a great selection and also has a nice terrace. In the seaport district near Menton there is Row 34, which describes itself as a “working man’s oyster bar”. This might be apt if you work at Goldman Sachs. Nevertheless it’s a great place to sample Island Creek oysters from Duxbury, and they have an excellent craft beer selection. For history, try Union Oyster House, where Paul Revere was a regular.

Not an exhaustive or authoritative list by any means. Tell us a bit more about any areas you particularly are interested in exploring or cuisine that appeals to you and we can expand the list!


My thoughts exactly. :rofl:

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How averse are you to small indoor dining places? Two jewel box-like places that come to mind are Haley.Henry (convenient to some historic sites, such as the Granary Burying Ground) and Spoke Wine Bar (in Davis Square, another place you can stroll around but I don’t consider it to be picturesque). Also, I haven’t been to either one in quite some time - I hope they’re still recommend-able.

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We just ate at Spoke last weekend and I was thinking “gee, I need to get back on HO and rave about it.” Truly still phenomenal- every bite perfectly prepared, flavor combinations that amaze. The parsnip tots are my new favorite thing.


Well, they’re named after you… :wink:


Fantastic news! Loved Spoke in its earlier incarnation. Is the wine list interesting as it was back in the day? Any outdoor seating?

You can probably tell I’m thinking of reasons to get there this summer. :blush:

SRV is my favorite restaurant in Boston but I don’t think it’s open late. Have a wonderful visit!


Spoke’s wine list is still very interesting, and the cocktail program has grown since the last owner. They are in the process of putting the outdoor dining area back up- it was quite nice last year- one of those wood pergola things taking up about 4 parking spots worth of real estate in front of the restaurant, plus they usually have a couple of 2 tops squeezed in to the alley on the side. Come on down!

Not to hijack the OP’s thread- I think your agenda looks fantastic. I cannot recommend Sarma highly enough, which is the general feeling on this board. I agree also with @MaxEntropy that the New England seafood scene is worth seeking out- a lunch at any of the places mentioned would be worth it., or try Neptune Oyster, and North End favorite and a reason to walk around that part of the city.


Agree with Parsnipity, Sarma is worth the trip. If you are driving, parking can be challenging. Lots of residents only signs, enforced except on Sunday. Uber/Lyft might be your best bet.
Where are you staying? And how late do you arrive? Helpful to know for dinner options on Friday.