Virtual reality for chickens....................................(WTF?????)

So apparently there is a virtual reality headset designed for chickens to wear so it gives them the impression they are in a “free range” surroundings, while in fact they are in a confined “conventional” state of cramped housing? I really can’t tell if this is an elaborate joke or for real…

I had actually found her research paper on it, while there might not be a plan to bring it to production, it was a legitimate study / proposal, which I’m still flabbergasted over. lol

I don’t know much about animal husbandry, but wouldn’t it be cheaper to just give the chickens more space?

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I have no idea. Maybe we can do a VR for free range chickens to make them think they are in a pen so they don’t move around as much, then we could fit more in the free range area!!!

Chicken matrix!

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And that is a useful question. It doesn’t mean the project isn’t worth doing–it’s interesting on many levels–but whether there is any real economic advantage remains to be seen.

Without rendering judgment per se I do wonder if this is like strapping a FitBit or similar fitness tracker to a ceiling fan. You’ll get a lot of steps but will it do you any good? Making a chicken feel like it has lots of room is not the same as it getting exercise.

Someone will surely remember the science fiction story in which chicken–just the meat, not the animal–was grown in vats to tremendous size and harvested in portions like basil or rosemary. The name and author escapes me while the imagery endures.