Virginia, DC, and Maryland barbecue places

I’m looking for places in DC. MD. and especially VA that cook barbecue exclusively with wood or wood coals/charcoal – that is, no heat from gas or electricity. This is for the Campaign for Real Barbecue,, I’m the highly unpaid “Smoke Detector” for the DC area and Virginia. I’m willing to use an expansive definition of the DC metro area.

The brick and mortar or other permanent location places I have already are listed at If you know of any others, or if you know of any that I really need to check out, please let me know.

Many thanks.

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Nice list. I’m curious, though, why the Federalist Pig’s food truck gets listed but the original restaurant in DC doesn’t. (Apologies if this has been discussed to death in the past.)

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I think the key is that the brick and mortar site uses a gas-assisted set-and-forget smoker. The food truck site uses wood only. That can make a big difference in the flavor, and especially the bark – in the right hands.

There’s a business that sets up in the metro lot at Reston Parkway and Fox Mill. They’re only using wood maybe charcoal.

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Great! Many thanks! Does it have an Instagram of Facebook account? I’m wondering about hours

Search Facebook for uncle Fred’s bbq.

fb dot com unclefredsbbq/

Not allowing me to post a direct link

I found it. Thanks. He apparently suffered some disaster and lost trucks (plural) and his largest smoker and the insurance isn’t covering it! Since I just got back from a week eating barbecue in NC and VA, I’m going to wait a week or so before reaching out to him. Again, thanks.

I had the enormous pleasure of tasting the burnt ends at the Federalist Pig food truck, parked in Hyattsville. The truck seems to be moored in this spot and is not moving out anytime soon.

The bark is masterful, and the ends are appropriately fatty and moist and tender. The KC flavor of a good mopping sauce shows through as well. A true 5-star Hungry Onion delight.


Steve, No surprise. You also need to try their pork sandwich. It is easily the best pork sandwich this side of Allman’s’ in Fredericksburg. See my review. The truck, where they cook with wood only, is proving much better than the brick and mortar Federalist Pig.
With 2fifty a stone’s throw away, that area is becoming a destination.


I should note that you got my burnt ends (literally). Quite a coincidence for us to run into each other so far away from our Nova homes. The fatty brisket at Federalist Pig is outstanding too.

At the Adams Morgan location, I’ve only had the pork belly (they were out of everything else) and it was truly great, though the fat content serious. The burnt ends offer more meat. I will try the pork sandwich next time I am out that way.

In general pork shoulder in this area is a sad weak spot. I like Rocklands and Smokecraft for that, but most places are not worth the money or bother.

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I know, what a surprise to run into someone I see regularly in such a random, far-away spot. I did not plan on going to the truck, just spotted it and did a 180. I then went on to my original destination, Northwest Chinese Food, and it was a spectacular meal.

While I agree that there is no pulled pork in the DC area that is as glorious as the best North Carolina places (or ZZQ in Richmond), I think 2Fifty Texas is excellent and Sloppy Mama’s is real good too.

The pork at the Federalist Pig in Hyattsville is on a different plane that the Adams Morgan location. Te sandwich is very good

I very much liked all of Rob’s offerings when he was at DCity BBQ, so I look forward to trying it up in Hyattsville though I am not up there very often.

I am not a purist on the only wood issue and I think the Adams Morgan version of Federalist Pig can be astonishingly good – but it is inconsistent.

The one meal I’ve had from the Hyattsville version of Federalist Pig was also amazing, but by definition one meal is not enough to judge consistency.