Village Social to open in Rye...

The folk behind popular Village Social in Mt. Kisco are completing renovation on a new eatery on Purchase Street in Rye that previously housed Encore Bistro. This unit will be similar to the original location with a slightly different menu and décor, they say…the name may change too, though right now the sign in the window says: Village Social…

Yep - see article from February. Joe also acquired the space where Via Vante was in Mt. Kisco and that will be another Locali pizza. He also now owns the Iron Horse Grill in Pleasantville. I’m not sure what the plans are for that one.,

I like Village Social. I’ll be celebrating my birthday there in a few days. Glad to see they’re spreading their delicious food and fun atmosphere down to lower Westchester!


We do too - no surprise there, we seem to have similar tastes. I’m very happy for them - I remember Joe from Strega in Pleasantville!

Wow. I stopped by to see if anything was new, and I see it’s still The GR Hungry Onion.


Village Social has opened on Purchase St. in Rye so I dropped in. They used the best of the prior owners vision keeping much of the glossy white tiled walls and added a few touches of their own, including a nice little wood fired pizza oven on the side towards the kitchen. Kept it simple on this visit: spicy Shishito Peppers and an Allagash White to wash it down.
Caveat: Pretty smooth floor staff was easy to chat with, but the one who took my payment walked away without bringing me the change…had to ask for it.

Maybe they figured it was a tip?

Exactly, homestyle…he could have asked. No big deal.

Looks like Mogan Anthony of VS, etc will be cooking at the James Beard House. Got this from JFood’s CT Bites.

Nice accolade for Chef Anthony…

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