Village Creamery & Sweet Shop, Valhalla, NY

We were craving ice cream today after enjoying the buffet at Raasa Indian in Elmsford for lunch, so I did a quick google search and found Village Creamery just a few miles away in Valhalla. It’s a tiny place with house-made ice creams and other sweet treats. DH had maple walnut and Captain Crunchberry, and I chose Coffee Kahlua and “Let’s do Brunch,” which was a maple base with french toast pieces and bacon. YUM! All of their ice creams were really smooth and creamy, but the coffee was a standout - it was almost gelato-like, probably due to the alcohol in the Kahlua making it a touch softer. The coffee was also the ultimate winner in terms of flavor - really intensely coffee-y and not too sweet. The Let’s do brunch was very good, although the base was much less maple-y than the maple walnut (it was also less sweet, which was a good thing). I loved the inclusion of bacon, but the french toast pieces were a bit less successful - smaller chunks were okay, but larger pieces froze too hard and had an odd texture. My husband said the Crunchberry had a similar textural issue - too hard when frozen. I didn’t taste it because Crunchberry cereal disgusts me, but as I mentioned I did enjoy his maple walnut, though it was just a bit too sweet. We’ll be back for sure!

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You could have had your Indian lunch at Mughal Palace and just walked over :slight_smile:

Hah! We saw Mughal Palace when we arrived at Village Creamery and were wondering if it was good - maybe next time!

Not a huge buffet but the food is very good. You should have stopped in to take a look.

Oh, they both sound great! I agree though that chunks of french toast might not work so well!

Cool flavors - will definitely try them. It’s a great little shop. Love their shakes too!!

Mughal Palace IS decent, but we think Raasa is much more interesting and tasty, for what it’s worth.

What about in comparison to Royal Palace? When I go for Indian, I do so with my Indian friends, and they like RP.

Our experiences at Royal Palace have been mixed, and, so far at least, Raasa has not disappointed.