Vik’s Chaat

We’ve been going to Vik’s Chaat in Berkeley for many years now. During that time I feel like it’s had its ups and downs. But it currently seems to be in an extended up phase. We have gone several times in the last month and always left blown away by the food. We almost always get Masala dosa which always impresses is with its crunchy yet toothsome texture. We recently tried the cheese dosa which is kind of like a cross between dosa and grilled cheese. It was not as good as that sounds- a bit heavy and not as good as the regular dosa to us. A couple of weeks ago we had the fish curry there which is made with basa. It was outstanding.

We went today and had a couple of the specials. The specials came with this very unique and satisfying soup, a yellow curry with what I think are lentil dumplings.

First special was spicy taro root.

It was done masala style (like the filling of masala dosa) with onions and spices. It was outstanding.

We also got the bone in lamb curry which was redolent with ginger and mustard and coconut. Again outstanding.

On weekend evenings now they are open for dinner and feature curries. We are curious to try going for dinner, has anyone been?


Punjabi/sindhi Kadhi - like dal but made with yogurt and gram flour. The dumplings are fried pakodas that are added to the kadhi.