Vietnamese in Paris?

I will be in Paris in early September, and am looking for recs for Vietnamese eateries. I’m especially interested in any places that have been around since the First Indochina War. Not really interested in street food vendors, pho or banh mi counters.


Sorry, I missed your message, I am now travelling in Asia. I think most of the eateries were the 'boat people" refugees opening, arriving in the 70s or 80s in France. Not sure about dating from the first Indochine war.

A pretty good restaurant in place de Maubert in the 5th district that we went several times, Kim Lien.
There were others quite good, I will try to get back to you when I remember the name or where by looking through my notes in a few days time, they were a bit more pricely.

In 2 days time we will in Phoc Quoc and after in Saigon in Vietnam, sure food is much better than in Paris.

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@kaleokahu We have been to Sourire de Saigon in 18e some years ago, nice deco, food was alright. Another one we have been to was on Montmartre 18e, used to call Bambou, now called Le Dan Bau, was okay. (We didn’t try after it has changed its name). Food wise, I still like Kim Lien the best.

There was another one that was beautiful with antiques and food was good but charged like a French restaurant, I will try to see I can find the name with the photos.

Restaurant Diep on Rue Charron in the 8th is basically Thai but does offer other Asian dishes. It’s a really good resto.