Vietnam Bistro Howell

Didn’t see a thread here on the HO for VB.

Always have loved their pho

esp. the grilled pork one. But today they had Dragon Chick’s Wings (I’m quoting right from the menu) but they weren’t wings from a baby dragon, just chicken wings in a kind of black pepper and honey sauce with chopped sauteed onion and sweet peppers. I’m gonna try this with jalapenos one day at home.

But they were very tasty.


Good Morning Vietnam!!!

Was them dragons fire breathing?

Okay, I’m convinced! This place has been on my list for close to the whole year I’ve been down here…MUST get there.

Haven’t visited since the cold of the winter for their pho, and agree that just about everything I’ve had on my visits has been tasty. This is a good reminder to return.

I’ll go with you! Can’t turn down a good bowl of Pho.

My personal fave Vietnamese in NJ is this place:

They have a really big menu with stuff that other Viet places don’t. They have some kind of Korean BBQ like dish which is great also. Worth a HOdown I think.

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(AND since I can’t get a 1-word answer to post, I’m typing this.) :eyes:

Beef and tendon baby !

Hey Seal how spicy was them dragon wings?

I know right? With a name like that you’d think they’d be hot!

But the sauce wasn’t hot at all really, just very tasty. I’ll let you know when I try my own version at home using hot peppers instead of the sweet ones. See the Wings post for my thoughts on a recipe.

I love this place! I make the half-hour drive here even though there’s a Vietnamese place five minutes from my house. I usually get the house special pho during the cooler months and the bun with egg rolls and BBQ pork during the warmer months.

Now I’m craving Vietnamese food :yum:

How are the spring rolls?

I love vtmnse spring rolls. So delishus.

I love their spring rolls, but must admit I’m partial to the egg rolls. Fried anything usually wins in my book :joy:

Well, here we are in 2020 and some things never change. In this case that’s a good thing as we still love this place. The broth for the pho still has some mystery spice that makes it much better than my homemade version. Well, to be honest, Vietnamese cuisine is poorly represented in my cooking repertoire.

This is why this place is so important to me. I hate when I go out to eat and end up thinking I could have made that better at home. Although it’s not in my backyard out in Howell, we make it a point to get here at least once a month.

So, to the point of my post. What better on a cold winter Sunday than a big bowl of soup? We should have a HODown here and slurp some soup together!


Are you organizing? And are we doing everyone ordering their own dish (which is pretty much what pho would have to be, right), or some sort of family-style dinner?

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I will definitely organize this one. I’m thinking Sunday lunch and everyone order their own.


Count us in. I love this place.

Sundays lunch is good since I don’t have to dread Sundays now as the Giants can’t lose for a while.


We’ve been to Vietnam Bistro once a long time ago. Though I’m not a pho fan, Michael likes it. Since the plan is for everyone to order on their own, I can get something else. So, we’ll be glad to attend depending on which Sunday you choose. If you’re thinking this month, we’re not available on 1/26.

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Draft and free agency haven’t happened yet. They’ll find a way to lose there too


Now that I no longer working on Sundays I’m in too. Mr Bean can’t commit yet. The only Sunday I already have plans is 1/19.

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