We’ll be in Vienna for a couple of days, and are eager for lunch and dinner recommendations. No dietary restrictions. I’d like to keep the cost down to Bib Gourmand rather than Michelin star. Many thanks

Copied and pasted as per a good buddy who’s there for a year:

Café Tirolerhof
Café Eiles
Café Bräunerhof
Café Frauenhuber
Café Hawelka - across from the Jewish Museum, Freud was a customer
Café Landmann on the Ring is a tourist machine, go there in the off season
Café Prückel fancy on Stubenring

Expensive delicious fish—Kornat
The high brow place for classic Viennese cuisine Plachutta

Naschmarkt is the open air eatery that you have to visit
In Leopoldstadt there are restaurants around Karmelitermarkt and an open market

When all this Schnitzel becomes too much, then go to a Vietnamese place :wink:


I’m jealous.

I haven’t been to Vienna in 25 years. I’ve travelled to Tirol 4 times in the past 17 years.

Things l like in Austria:

Backhendl chicken (Austrian-style fried chicken)
The Krapfen (Berliners )
The fruit or poppyseed dumplings
The soups. The Austrians make excellent chicken stock soups, for whatever reason.
Malakoff Torte

I’m not a huge fan of Sachertorte, but you should visit Hotel Sacher for coffee and some sort of food that appeals to you.

If I was visiting Vienna, I would visit one of their historic cafés each day.

If you tire of Austrian food, and you’re not in the mood for Vietnamese, consider a döner :slight_smile:

Upscale döner made with Styrian beef at Döner Brutal

Thanks, Linguafood. Very helpful.


And Phoenikia, thanks to you for identifying what I should eat.

You’re welcome. The items @Phoenikia listed are likely found at most Austrian places. There’s not a lot of variety on the menus - it’s all the same. Good stuff, tho :slight_smile:

Looking forward to your travel report!

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There is a great Beer Bar called Känguruh
I do not know if these places fit the “Bib Gourmand” Category but they serve great traditional Food in very relaxed surroundings.
Schweizerhaus , Prater 116, Big Beer Garden in an Amusement Park great must order Schweinshaxe and Budvar!
Gasthaus Pöschl, Weihburggasse 17 + Gasthaus Wolf, Große Neugasse 20
Both serving traditional Austrian Dishes of high quality.

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Gasthaus Wild, Traditional with a touch of modernity.

Zum Finsteren Stern, modern but earthy.

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BierMonk, Bib gourmand more of a ceiling rather than floor with me.

Thanks, Steve.

I only had one meal off-ship in Vienna doe to tour schedule, but t was memorable – Gosser Bieklinik. The roasted pork knuckle was … astounding, and delicious.

It came with shredded horseradish.
![gosser horseradish|700x589(upload://1WaiTNorBxQm8nhJZaQEPZM9rWe.jpeg)
Full details on my blog, of course, for those interested in more.