Via Cannuccia

Unexpectedly had some free time to explore and drove to Via Cannuccia. Intrigued by their pastries I had seen on their Instagram Once I started watching the videos posted I couldn’t stop watching. As usual I totally forgot to take any photos of what I bought - a raspberry jelly donut, a wild blueberry tartlet, a mission fig tartlet and a bun filled with ricotta mousse. The thought of what that might taste like was too much for me to pass up. It was delicious - creamy, smooth, not overly sweet, yum! The two tartlets had a slightly almond-flavored pastry cream as the base for the fruit. Delicious!

Next is to try brunch, dinner and the owner, chef Stefano Quaresima’s bread. Any Onions been here ?


That is a truly mouth-watering Insta.

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