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Has anyone checked this place out yet? In the old old San Remo spot near the newman springs train tracks on Shrewsbury/Red Bank border.

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no- it was mentioned on other thread- they have 0 web presence and can’t find anything about them. Would be interested to know ANYTHING about the spot…

i dont know how you an open a business without a website or even facebook page these days.


agreed. From little I could see, on google reviews, which I count as nothing, seems like the Chef’s name is Mike and he had spot in Freehold and Bradley Beach. That’s all I could get. From the cpl pictures I saw it seems like kitchen at least cares about presentation- very different from Peter’s Crab house I hope.

The 5 Google reviews are hilarious, as you’d expect…

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I’ll try to keep an open mind to be “nicer” in spirit of our Peter’s Crab thread, but man, some of these spots seem like they are destined to not work out. If this Chef had a following from previous joints it would be ideal to let people know prior to his spot being open for several months…I live locally and have not heard one person even bring it up outside of the HO. Not even in passing as “hey- something is in the old San Remo spot”…Hyper-locally I’ll wait to see what chef Junior brings in the old graze spot as it would be nice to have some stuff not in RB/Rumson/SB, etc…between LS/Shresbury/Oceanport we really only have albarino and bluGrotto…with all the disposable income nearby it’s insane that’s all there is in those towns, especially after they killed that giant bar pos project they had going up in LS with the one and only liquor license.


I dont think the Little Silver project is dead, heard they are just looking at a different location now (but not sure where it is).

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The only crappy 1 star review is probably the only review not from a friend or family member.

To last as an Italian place you have to be putting out some good food around here…lots of competition.


Did some detective work and apparently the chef is a tv personality who does spots on a tv/web show. One of the hosts recommended his new spot of viewers were
In “south jersey”. :pensive:
You would think a guy like that would know to have an online presence or get any word of mouth out. I’ll continue to hope for the best but expect the worst here

Uhboy. :crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face:

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I hadn’t heard that. would be nice to have some stuff in LS and with booze for sure. I feel like the developer got greedy with that jumbo sized ridiculous plan he had and ruined what would have been a good thing and probable gold mine.

Got my first local real review of the place. “Good, not outstanding…‘another local Italian b.y.o’…very friendly staff and kitchen.”
apparently they are trying to get their legs under them before getting a web presence.(???).
Dunno why the area is crying out for another “good not great” Italian b.y.o., but perhaps if they focus on being family friendly they can carve out a niche with locals who don’t feel like fighting RB parking all the time or SB in the summer.

Amazing…to have ownership think that this place will dominate early with no website is hilarious. People want to see a menu. This is a fact. I’m not a restauranteur, but you make a website before you open. Even if the menu isn’t set in stone, you make one and put it up.

They don’t have booze, a website (one that I can find,) and they are entering an area check full of mediocre Italian competition. There is a reason why 2 or so Italian places around here require reservations 2-3 weeks in advance on the weekends. They have great food! This place has to bring their “A game.”


And I’m going to go out on a limb and predict that once we see it, their menu will (mostly) look LIKE EVERY OTHER ITALIAN RESTAURANT MENU.


I’m sure it won’t be anything innovative. I bet it will be the same as all the others. The google reviews are rough on this place! Out of 7 reviews, all 5 stars are from people with 1 or two ratings which I dismiss. The 2 other ratings are 1 star from people with more than 3 reviews. One guy with 58 reviews just completely shredded this place. So the only two ratings I consider valid in my mind are 1 star. That’s not good.


honestly, even if it is the same as everywhere else it could still be great, if it’s executed really well bc many of the spots are mediocre to poor around here in that space. However, based on their current approach I’m not sure if that will be the case…a family friendly homestyle/traditional/red sauce Italian spot in LS/Shrewsbury could really clean up (if they had booze it would be a printing press).
I’ll continue to hope for then best but expect the worst.


After going to Garigulio’s on opening day and having them break my heart, I’m sitting this one out. I’m waiting till someone else here tries it and gives it a good review before I give it a try.

Step right up and be the first one! Someone, anyone…(I’m waiting)


I just put another one in for the team at siam paradise. Actually rooster beat me to it lol

Metafans, I think you’re at bat!

I want someone to try that “tour of italy” at tuzzios. The veal park there is pretty damn good! 27.95 is a good deal. 14.00 italian dinner.

I noticed the prime rib wednesdays and called to see when that will be available. They were closed but I will find out.

Tuzzio’s Tour of Italy has been on my “things to try” list for years now. I’m confident that it’s good. Just haven’t landed there. For some reason, on the rare occasion when I go out on a Tuesday after work, I head to the bar at Jack’s.

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