VF Review of Trump restaurant

This probably wouldn’t have been read and relished much beyond Le Pomme Grande had the “petulant-elect” not leapt onto Twitter this morning to claim, without any mention of the article, that Vanity Fair is dying and its long-time head, Graydon Carter, is on the brink of losing his job.

In fairness, the reviewer was clearly looking to pick Trumpnits, and I envy her the opportunity. There are many ways to screw up french fries; I’m sure she’s had other bad ones. We all have. But it’s equally obvious that this restaurant has a lot of problems. Recalling Pete Wells’ scorching review of Guy Fieri’s Times Square location, I wonder if there’s a pattern: beware of restaurants fronted by guys with ridiculous hair…


Fabulous … thank you for posting
Yes … move over Guy Fieri … make room for
the very best of the worst!
The place sounds as vile as the man himself!

The review would have been more useful without the blatant political undertone. What value does politics have in reviewing a restaurant?


I disagree. Without its Trump connection, the restaurant is of absolutely no interest to anyone.


Isn’t there always an inverse correlation between someone’s celebrity status and the quality of their restaurant brand…?

Can anyone name an exception - background investors don’t count, only those with their names on the door.


If Ted Bundy had his own restaurant, I think you’d have to mention in the review that he happens to be a serial killer. You can’t talk honestly about anything with Trump’s name on it without at least implicitly acknowledging the incontrovertible fact that he’s a narcissistic sociopath.


With all due respect, I think this thread should be deleted because it is a not so well disguised attempt to elicit political opinions.

While I am not looking to pick a fight with anyone, I am, with all frankness, tired of this election and the ridiculous rhetoric on both sides.


Or in Graydon Carters words, my favorite nickname thus far a"short fingered vulgarian"


"I think this thread should be deleted "
Come on Viking … you know you don’t have to visit this thread :wink:


I vaguely remember a pretty decent lunch at Loretta Lynn’s Kitchen in the summer of 1987.

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In response to this from VikingKaj:

"With all due respect, I think this thread should be deleted because it is a not so well disguised attempt to elicit political opinions.

“While I am not looking to pick a fight with anyone, I am, with all frankness, tired of this election and the ridiculous rhetoric on both sides.”

My interest could be a thread in itself, concerning whether there is any consensus about the degree to which non-food-related banter–especially, these days, partisan chat–is fitted to the site and whether it helps or hinders its value to a community. It appears that, so far, this question is still shaking itself out.

My two cents: I like things to be about food. The old CH used to routinely remove posts or refashion posts as new threads when things got off topic. (I had both happen to me once or more.) But that requires a degree of moderator surveillance that might be hard to do in early stages of a promising website.


You know if I wanted a partisan opinion or some one to patronize me I could just turn on CNN or Fox News.

Shame on you.

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What …truce!!!
What ever I did to you it wasn’t intended

I got a bunch of flags on this one. I haven’t read the article. Trump restaurant is a restaurant. We can focus on the restaurant/food aspects and leave the other stuff out of this thread. Thanks.


Menu looks pretty pedestrian and the Taco bowl seems thrown in for good measure.

Kinda nauseating how he renamed the Greek salad.

Still a mine field because the notoriety comes from the name attached instead of the food. I’m pretty neutral about thread drift and real life sticking
Its nose under the tent. I like the personalities of smart funny posters to assert themselves. My .02…


An interesting result of the article and Trump’s taking things to Twitter:



I enjoyed the review- it IS excessivly snarky, but was even funnier than it was snarky. Obviously, I’m not a Trump fan, but I did laugh out loud at several references. Given the long-trem feud between Carter and Trump, I would have expected nothing less.


I just read the review. Jeebus Christmas, how anyone can go there is beyond me. That was NOT a filet mignon.

And this paragraph just dumbfounded me:

The fried shell, meant for one, contained a party-sized amount of lettuce and ground beef suspended in sour cream and “Dago’s famous guacamole”,.

And yes, that’s on the menu:

Taco Bowl…18
Seasoned ground beef, pico de gallo salsa, Dago’s famous guacamole, shredded iceberg lettuce, sour cream and shredded cheddar served in a crunchy tortilla bowl.

Also on the menu:

Ancient Grain Salad …18
Grilled chicken, arugula, julienne white cabbage, sliced grapes, sliced apples, apple vinaigrette

Ummmm…where’s the ancient grains in that salad?


At least the White House chef should have an easy job…from what we’ve seen so far, Mr. Petulant has an undiscriminating palate.