Vermont Recommendations (Stowe, Burlington, Sugarbush)?


I’ll be spending a lot of time in northern VT this winter. All suggestions for spots of all kinds to check out among this general area are greatly appreciated. Known favorites include:

Stowe: Doc Ponds, Idletyme, Cork Wine Bar, The Bench, Hen of the Wood (Waterbury location)
Burlington: Kountry Kart Deli, Leunigs, Penny Cluse, Al’s French Fry, Misery Loves Co
Sugarbush: Mad River Barn, Flatbread, Mad Taco, The Sweet Spot

There’s lots of good food and beer, but it tends to get one note and heavy after awhile. I’m looking for some options to switch it up a bit. It doesn’t have to be a restaurant. Anything food related will do.

(John Hartley) #2

On our trip to the area in June, we also ate at Leunigs. You certainly needed an appetite to enjoy the generous portions.

Other dinners were enjoyed at Hen of the Wood and Trattoria Delia. Both excellent experiences in their own ways. The latter I wanted to transport to northwest England so I could become a regular.

Henry’s Diner was also a good example of the genre (we had a lunch and breakfast there)

(Peter Sward) #3

There is a cooking school in the pedestrian only area in Burlington.


I was crestfallen to learn that the Dog Team Tavern in Middlebury burned down a decade ago. Though Middlebury is a bit outside of where I will be spending time and am looking for recs, I would have made a trip out of my way for one more crack at that relish wheel and the sticky buns.

No Dog Team, Carbur’s, Deja Vu, Shed. I guess it’s true that you really can’t go home again.


I have a good friend who lives in Ferrisburgh - she recommended Prohibition Pig in Waterbury and Antidote in Vergennes right off the top of her head, but she will come back with more!


We love Prohibition Pig in Waterbury, but then I am a NC native and the chef from NC makes excellent eastern style NC BBQ. Also sides and apps are really good. We didn’t try the brisket or chicken BBQ because we like the pulled pork so much. My husband liked their beer. The brewery behind the restaurant serves burritos, tacos, etc. We didn’t try those either, just kept going back to the restaurant.


Our youngest attends college in Burlington and we have been several times.
Leunigs for a breakfast/brunch, A Single Pebble for Asian, Waterworks and Bluebird (bbq) in nearby Winooski are both great.
Honey Road ( a loose relation to Oleana) is outstanding and the Istanbul Kebab House restaurant should not be missed.
Its a great area, I hope you have a chance to enjoy it.


I’ve heard good things about Honey Road. Thanks for reminding me. It is going on the list.


A few more Stowe recommendations: Edson Hill (a little fancier than most places in Stowe; the cozy downstairs tavern is hard to beat on a blustery Vermont night); the Fritz Bar at the Stowehof (funky old school subterranean tavern with decent German food, a fireplace, and good drinks); Michael’s on the Hill (also on the fancier side, between Waterbury and Stowe); Roost at Topnotch (I like it better than their higher end restaurant, Flannel); von Trapp Bierhall (good beer and good food — the OP mentioned heavy, and some of the food here fits that description, but I really enjoy some of their lighter items, such as the radishes); Black Diamond BBQ in Morrisville (a little off the beaten path, but just chosen as best BBQ in Vermont by Food and Wine, plus they always have a good selection of Hill Farmstead on tap; only open Th-Sa nights, but they are also at the Stowe Farmers Market on Sundays).

I also enthusiastically second (or third) Pro Pig.


A second for Black Diamond BBQ: we were there this past spring and I had one of the best veggie burgers I’ve had in a while, of all things. Chock full of good healthy stuff, but still really satisfying and toothsome. Its a fun spot too. My son loved the wings.


Thanks! Some great looking recommendations here.