Vending Machine Burrito ~ And They Liked It

(Robin ) #1—-and-the-results-are-shockingly-good/ss-AAfwI86


(For the Horde!) #2

Interesting idea. I wonder when they said "Surprisingly good, what are they really comparing to? Maybe they have a normal expectation or maybe they have a low expectation. Maybe it means it tastes better than Taco Bell?


What’s not to like ? I look at the burrito as one of food items that can stand extreme abuse and survive , Vending machine ,big deal they are made for it except for the tortilla suffering . Strap one wrapped in foil to your car engine when you drive long distance for a snack . It will survive and be tasty , Cheers . .

(Robert) #4

Do you recommend changing the burrito every 3,000 miles?


Preferably 125 miles . Remember Keith Floyd in the Outback .


Sounds fun! I’d totally try it. Reminds me of what my mom described as an automat to me when I was little. From what I recall, that just dispensed sandwiches, but still fascinated me as a kid. This is far more high tech with hot this and cool that. And music is part of the experience? Well, that’s the way (uh-huh, uh-huh) I like it (uh-huh, uh-huh)!