Vegetarian roulade recipe?

Does anyone have a tried and true vegetarian roulade recipe they would care to share? I’ve found several recipes online of course but this will be for a dinner party and I won’t have time to do a trial run so hoping for a personal recommendation.

No dietary restrictions beyond vegetarian.

I’ve only made one roulade, but I don’t think it’s what you want as it’s a homey Adventist ‘chicken’ roll-up (uses pizza dough) from Silver Springs Spa Cookbook. Everyone loved it, it was delicious…

I’m not convinced I understand the line between roulade and wellington… Anyhow, i made this mushroom butternut squash wellington for xmas two years ago, but i hate goat cheese a lot so i swapped in an extra firm homemade cashew cream (basically the texture of cream cheese)
Omnis and veg guests loved it

I’ll add to the confusion and say that I don’t understand the line between wellington and hand pies or pot pies.

Thanks for the recipe link!

Free form roll vs baked in a tin lined in pastry…??
Whatever, I’m good with all of them!

The culinary sense of the term Wellington applies to a specific preparation of a beef roast encased in pastry. The meat is cooked, cooled, coated with a mushroom paste, then dough, then baked.

A roulade is meat or vegetable rolled around a filling of some sort, then baked or braised. But it can
also be a rolled, filled cake - e.g. jelly roll, buche de noel.

A pasty(pastie) is a single portion savory pie - flesh, veg, or both - in which the filling is completely encased in dough before baking or frying. It is a form of hand pie, as are the empanada, calzone, and
stromboli. Hand pies can also have sweet fillings, usually fruit.

A pot pie is a savory of flesh and vegetables in a thickened sauce.gravy. The filling may be either topped or completely encased in dough before baking. There are also versions using a puff pastry top which is baked separately before being placed atop what is, essentially, a thick stew.

Sorry, I rarely follow recipes, but eggplant rollatini are good. Slice eggplant lengthwise, 1/4" thick. Brush/spray with oil, lightly. Bake slices on a sheet pan till tender. Then roll them up around a cooked filling such as tomatoes, onions, mushrooms, and peppers, with some cheese. Bake till gooey.

Thanks, I love eggplant rollatini! I can’t believe I didn’t think of it. And thanks for the descriptions above.