Vegetarian-friendly restaurants in the East Bay that have open tables for 5 this weekend?

Hi all,

A family member from out of town is visiting and for medical reasons, she needs to eat light vegetarian fare. I wanted to go to Gather, but of course they are all booked up. Does anyone have any recommendations for similar food in the East Bay that I can book on such short notice? We are a party of five. Thanks in advance.

Actually I refreshed until I got a table, and now we are all going to Gather after all. Yay! But actually it would be nice to know where else to go, since she will be here for a week, if anyone has any recommendations…

I did this meal in the East Bay but this is a Vegetarian restaurant in the East Bay but the person who arrange this event is knowledge about Chinese food.

Nature Vegetarian Restaurant located at 1116 Franklin St, Oakland

Everything on the menu is Vegetarian

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Maybe Millenium in Rockridge? It’s vegan. I ate there a few months ago and had a good meal. Was a bit disappointed in the desserts though. It’s probably difficult to create good desserts without eggs or dairy.

Also check out Golden Lotus in Oakland Chinatown.

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