Vegetarian dishes/variety in Peruvian restaurants in Westchester or NYC?

Can anyone recommend Peruvian restaurants that have some notable/decent vegetarian dishes?
Anywhere in Westchester or NYC is applicable.

Let me know. Thanks!

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Delicias del Jireh in White Plains on Mamaroneck Ave. is great & has classic dishes like papa a la huancaina and chaufa de champiñones (fried rice with mushrooms & vegetables) on their menu. Lots of their side dishes are vegetarian as well. I’m sure they could make you a vegetarian tallarín verde as well - the people there are super sweet & accommodating.

Full menu is online:


What is the tallarin verde?

It’s a dish consisting of spaghetti in a peruvian like pesto (different herbs and sauce). The original dish I think is made with seafood.

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Interesting. There is a pasta we had in Piedmont Italy called tajarin. Wonder if they’re related.

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Most popular “peruvian” in nyc is a chain called Pio Pio, but their veg options are slim- i’m veg and used to live near one, the avocado salad and tostones are really tasty but certainly not destination worthy.

I went to Raymi (definitely more “modern” kind of place) for brunch which is much more veg friendly than their dinner , but the staff was really awesome so i feel like if you call ahead and ask if they could make a vegetarian entree for you they would. (I have had fantastic success doing this for years when going to a restaurant with minimal veg options and have had some really memorable meals!)

Tallarin is Spanish for noodles.



It probably is since Peruvian is such a blend of food cultures! I adore pesto in any form. :slight_smile:

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