Vegetarian and Vegan board now includes Special Diets

Made the change on the realization that we never really had a home for Special Diets.


Would that include halal?

I know we have a separate kosher board. Shouild that also be merged into “Special diets”?

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On second thoughts, maybe V&V should stay as is and I will move special diets with Kosher instead.

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Kosher and Special Diets are now combined. yes let’s’ include halal unless there is cultural reasons not to.

Isn’t halal just a method of butchering meat?


Hopefuly you are just being ignorant rather than anything more malicious.

Partly ignorant, not at all malicious. What I meant was from a food standpoint doesn’t halal indicate how the meat was slaughtered. Are there other non-meat foods that are designated “halal” or not?

The link I posted explains indepth the many food and non-food things to which halal applies.

Why not have a look and find out.

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Here’s an excellent link contained in your link:

Except for alcohol, i.e., vanilla, most non-halal foods are ones that have non-halal meats and meat by-products in them. Thanks for sharing this. I learned a lot.

ETA: As I heard Neil DeGrasse Tyson say on NPR, if I knew the answers I wouldn’t have learned anything.

In part. But the main factor is that it indicates what is “permissable” under Islamic law. As such, it has a wider significance to the community than the simple matter of butchery.

Yeah, I get that now. But this quote still doesn’t tell me what other than meat and meat byproducts are considered halal and not. Cauliflower???

" When it comes to halal food, most people think of meat products only. However, Muslims must ensure that all foods, particularly processed foods, pharmaceuticals and non-food items such as cosmetics are also halal. Often these products contain animal by-products or other ingredients that are not permissible for Muslim consumption."

Cauliflower (and some other vegetables, like artichokes) can conceal bugs, some of which aren’t halal. That might be why.

I guess they’re assuming the bugs have been removed :slight_smile:

I just did a quick skim of a half dozen or so restaurants in Seattle which has a good sized Muslim population. Other than pointing out the halal meats, they make no other mention.

I have Muslim friends who eat halal only. That means meats and any foods containing meat products must be halal. For example, marshmallows – they buy halal marshmallows because of the gelatin. Meats are bought from the halal butcher. When I have them over for dinner, we go to the halal butcher shop to buy halal chicken so that they can eat it as well. I don’t use broth or alcohol when cooking for them.

They do eat free range eggs, but not eggs from chicken fed feed containing meat or meat by-products. Seafood like fish and shrimp are also allowed.

Ah, good point about chicken feed. There’s a halal market near our apartment in Seattle that we haven’t visited yet. Going up next week so want to check it out. Thanks.

@Harters and @linguafood, I’d love your feedback on this.

Somebody told me we are probably eating more bugs than we believed. How about all the powdered bugs in the flour?

I’m fine with that but I’m not a halal-compliant person.

Halal is referring to intentional consumption. No one is going to freak out because they swallowed a non-halal bug on accident.