Vegas recs?

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Unrelated to this thread/region but do you have any Vegas recs? :slight_smile: Going there in 4 weeks.

I think a price point is always a good idea for Vegas lol. I think a good idea is to check out the region LV in hungry onion as they have a nice selection.

But I recently had Jaleo in Vegas per sck’s topic and thought they did a good job (especially at that price… lol). A perennial favorite for me is Raku and if you have a slight sweet tooth after that fine izakaya meal check out Sweets Raku. This time around for a steak dinner I gave Charlie Palmer’s cut of the week a shot and thought they did a classic steak dinner. For fried chicken I thought Yardbird in Palazzo/Venetian was great. Honestly my cheapest meal was the Earl of Sandwich… lol.

Other places I liked is Noodle Pot for their Taiwanese beef noodle soup (also cause they open at 9 am… lol), but probably not something I’d go as a destination. I had a fine tasting meal at Bazaar Meats in the SLS (per my experience, when I sat right in front of the charcuterie area I had a fine sample of their jamon iberico). Twist at the Waldorf Astoria (what was the Mandarin Oriental) was quite good just I found everything to be on the slow end (think my meal was like… 2ish hours) which is great if you’re with someone, just… a tad boring by yourself after scarfing down the items lol.

Ha fair enough. I did have a lyft/uber driver ask me where I came from, then kinda gave me a weird look as I was headed towards Spring Mountain…

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I agree with @Night07 , price point and a better description of what you’re looking for would help tremendously. Vegas is a gastronomic epicenter, you can find pretty much everything. For starters, where are you staying? Do you have a car? Do you have any special diet restrictions?

Favorite Tourist-Foodie Destinations:
Lotus of Siam
Robuchon (Atelier or Mansion)
Bazaar Meat
Guy Savoy

These are all high-end places. If you want more local destinations, just ask. There’s many, excellent, local hole-in-the-wall places if you’re willing to drive.

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I must say e is a whole different level of high-end compared to LoS… :sweat_smile:

I still need to post about my meals at LoS, Raku, etc. from a recent trip. Strip prices are just so much higher versus off-strip…

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Ok… not exactly my point, but whatever.

I do agree that Strip prices, especially with parking, is near high-way robbery.

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