Vegas area organic one-stop shop markets?

Hi. I’m flying to LAS next weekend; arriving early Saturday morning, renting a car and then driving straight to Death Valley. I’ll only be in Death Valley for two nights, staying at the historic 1920’s inn or oasis or furnace creek (whatever they’re calling it nowadays) and I’ve read many warnings to BYO meals. It sounds like the food situation is extra bad even for the usual shitty concessionaires the NPS contracts.

I’m looking for something within close proximity to the airport; we don’t want to go anywhere near the strip or have to deal with parking costs and hassles. We’re going to be driving along NV-160 route through Pahrump on the way into the park, so we’d like to follow that direction (i.e. avoid detours) wherever we end up.

As far as food & supplies, we’ll need a disposable styrofoam (or just cheap!) cooler/ice chest, compostable plates + flatware, paper napkins, fresh organic produce: tomatoes, cucumbers, citrus, seasonal stone fruit, strawberries, bananas, etc. Also some low-fat yogurt, fresh squeezed juice, lots of water and unsweetened drinks for the desert (iced tea, coconut water, etc) and a good deli counter with prepared foods that require zero prep (think quart of egg salad for sandwiches: stuff that doesn’t require heating), along w/ sliced boar’s head (or similar quality) deli meats and cheeses. Also a decent bread section that also stocks g.f. and I’d also like to pick up a good bottle of mezcal!

I see there’s a Whole Foods on Vegas Blvd… is that the best option or is there anywhere else that you’d suggest?

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Might as well ask this here too… we’re staying one night at the NoMad on Vegas and Tropicana (ugh) the night before we fly back to SFO. We originally planned to swing by one of the few enduring haunts of Old Vegas (Golden Steer, Bob Taylor’s, etc) for dinner the last evening, but decided it’s not worth the trouble or cost. We want to stay at the hotel, hang out in our room and watch movies all night. Is there any decent takeout nearby?

Edit: just checked the hotel website and there’s an Eataly downstairs, so that’s prob where we’ll end up, unless anyone has other suggestions.

I think Whole Foods is probably your best bet. No Erewhon in Vegas yet (you might need a couple blackjacks to pay for the produce and goods).

If you want options other than Eataly these are all close by (within 10 minute walk).
Shake Shack
Crack Shack
Carbone or DTF in Aria (never have to go outside)

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WF worked out well… who knew cold shrimp and corn chowder would taste so good in the desert with habanero lime tortilla chips and casamingos mezacal?

Vegas food was better than expected and about as expensive. We had brunch at Primrose this morning and I had an absolutely killer pasta dish and really well made negronis. Death Valley food was just as terrible as I imagined, but our experiences were thankfully few and far between.