Vegan protein dishes must try recipes

Vegan Protein is not a myth, you can still be muscular by following vegan diet. Do you know any dishes/recipe to get protein on daily routine food?

  1. Beans
  2. ???

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Of course, and a recipe list would be too exhaustive to be useful - better to just google what you’re looking for, specifically. The combination of rice & beans is a complete protein, and seitan, tofu and tempeh are also good sources of protein. Here’s a bunch more:


Thanks, very useful article.

Tofu is soy and therefore beans, correct? Or too fussy?

I would separate beans and tofu, because - theoretically, I guess - you could do something in the soy-bean-to-tofu process that would de-protein it.

We use textured vegetable protein (Bob’s Red Mill TVP) a lot as a substitute for ground beef in chili, spaghetti sauce, etc.

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TVP is soy also, like tofu, so to me is beans.