Vegan Patisserie in Paris

Rodolphe Landemaine, originator of the excellent Maison Landemaine patisserie chain in Paris (and Lille and Tokyo) has become a vegan and now is building a vegan patisserie chain. Additionally, there are other vegan patisseries discussed in the article. I haven’t been yet (I follow a mostly low-carb diet), but I look forward to trying it once I’m back in Paris later this month.


Had a gluten free bread from Land&Monkey Rue de Turennes shop in June. Friend in the 'hood recommended it. My preference is for the real thing, if I am in Paris. But given my feeling when I was serious about keeping gluten free that bread is much harder than desserts, I thought that this bread was quite good. I would certainly try out if vegan!

Note that vegan and gluten-free are not synonymous. Land-and-Monkeys has some gluten-free products and other that have gluten, but all are vegan.

Chambelland is an excellent line of gluten-free boulangeries in Paris, but few, if any, of their products are vegan.

I have a friend who is gluten-intolerant in the US but finds that she can eat products from normal boulangeries in France – apparently the difference is due to different wheats used in the US and France.

Gosh, I hope I didn’t say something that implied I thought gluten free and vegan were one and the same! The only experience of the bakery you were flagging was of the gluten free boule! Sorry, if I worded it incorrectly.

No need to apologize. I just thought that there might be some ambiguity, so I wanted to clarify.