Vegan friendly in Chicago?

I’ll be meeting a vegan friend in Chicago this fall for a girl’s weekend. She is willing to eat some dairy and seafood, but normally eats vegan. We’ll likely stay near/in the Loop. Any suggestions for comfortable vegan friendly spots with wonderful food? Thanks very much in advance for any suggestions!

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All of these restaurants either have vegan friendly options or will accommodate a request to make a particular dish vegan (or vegetarian).

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I was going to suggest Rooh for modern Indian, with the caution that the same chef’s nyc spot was great… until he moved on to open the next one, in Chicago lol. But it seems the Chicago thing stuck, as they now also have Indienne (tasting menus), a casual cafe Swadesi, and a new middle eastern place Sifr. So I guess he’s still in Chicago, and Rooh has a better shot at still being good than Baar Baar in nyc did.

Stephanie Izard’s places (the Goat series) have good vegetable and seafood options.

I was also just looking at Virtue for myself, but that may be out of the way for you (Hyde Park). Probably also too far, but I had fun checking out the menu of Thattu anyway, and so might you.


Thank you both so much. I’ll give all these places a look. I really appreciate the help!

I live in Hyde Park and like Virtue, but find it a bit limited (I’m a pescatarian). In the loop, i like Avec (Randolph st, not River North) for small plates and Acanto (next to The Gage).

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Thanks so much!