Various take-away finds in Bath

Just a few places we’ve enjoyed recently, all doing take-away or pre-orders.

  • Noya’s Kitchen. Outstanding Vietnamese restaurant doing a weekly menu that’s released on Sunday night and can be picked up the following Friday or Saturday. Menu changes weekly but seems to have a couple repeats. Highlights so far: Hue chicken salad (ga bop), corn and sweet potato fritters in lettuce cups, bun chay, crispy pork dumplings. Wish they would do banh xeo or banh khot, but I doubt either would travel well. The only thing I wasn’t crazy about was the pho bo – not enough broth to even cover the noodles.

  • Chili Family Noodles. This is adjacent to the bus station, so nothing like the chic restaurant above. They serve various noodles, either dry style or soup, with an option of meat toppings (beef, pork, chicken). We had the duck soup and the beef soup, both with fresh chongqing wheat noodles. The stewed beef was lovely with a strong five spice flavor; duck a nice mix of meat and fat. Peanuts sprinkled on both soups. From the rest of the (very limited) menu I got bok choy and pork dumplings with a lovely thin skin rolled in chili sauce.

  • Chai Walla. Very busy vegetarian Indian takeaway with a couple wraps and side dish options. We had onion bhaji roti wraps. I liked the crispness of a bhaji in a wrap, but thought the mango chutney made every bite overwhelmingly sweet. Might ask for little to none next time. Good samosa chaat.

  • Landrace Bakery. Gorgeous sourdough bread, the best I’ve had in the UK – made from stoneground and UK grown grains. Great weekly pizza night (currently takeaway only, but moving to sidewalk tables). A couple of daily lunch sandwiches including a nice porchetta. Also carries some items from Pump Street and Little Bread Peddlar. This is my happy place.

  • Bath Pizza Co. Stopped by here on the way back from an appointment – it’s inside Green Park Station, which has been coverted to an open-air space with some food stalls and the weekly (?) farmers’ market. Wood fired Neopolitan style pizza with interesting specials based on local produce. Very happy, would definitely return.

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold