Vancouver, WA - Meat

Hey there! When I tell people I live in Vancouver, 80% of the time I get, “Oh wow, you are from Canada!”

There is a Vancouver in WA and it is about 20 minutes from Portland OR. Population about 630K

Here is some great places to get meat.

Old Brick Farm (Red Brick Farm)
Corner of State Route 503 & 154thStreet, Brush Prairie.

This is an actual small family farm in Brush Prairie. However, they now have a storefront at the above cross street section (don’t know the exact address). When I first happened upon them some years ago, they were just selling farm raised pork and beef. We purchased a half pig there and we even got to pick our pig. It was very cool. Best pork I’ve ever had and that lead me to explore other farms and butchers in the area.

Now they sell farm-raised chickens, eggs, homemade pickles, marinara, jam and a lot of other stuff besides beef and pork. It has been nice to see them grow.

They publish a monthly email newsletter letting you know what they have, when they will have it and any specials/discounts. Very friendly folks also.

Mayers Custom Meats
12903 NE 72nd Ave, Vancouver, WA 98686

This is a great place and all meat comes from local farms. My order of preference:

–Beef Jerky. They make it there and have several kinds. My favorite is the honey pepper. I have not had any better.

–Bacon. Next to the farm above, this is the next best for me.

–Bacon Wrapped Filet Mignon

–They do bacon wrapped jalapeno peppers/w cheese, breaded pork and chicken cutlets.

–Lots of sausage

Very friendly folks.

Butcher Boys
4710 E 4th Plain Blvd, Vancouver, WA 98661

What this place has that the others above lack is Lamb! They also have a nice sized sausage collection. The meat seemed a bit more expensive than the two above.

Very nice folks.

Chucks Produce (local farm meats) – This is a grocery store. Good selection of local meats. I was able to buy American Wagyu Top Sirloin for $9…99/lb this month, but this place is really about the produce. Also, they do not sell pork.

New Seasons (local) – This is a grocery store. Good variety of sausage and all meats are high quality but come with a bit of a high price.

Battle Ground Produce (local) – This is a grocery store. Best thing – Their Meatloaf! It is unbelievable, but on the expensive side. Their meat is local. Great quality.

Whole Foods

For a smaller town we have some great options.


Nice “baseline” post to start a discussion.

Thanks! Bring on the discussion!

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Don’t go gettin’ technical on us…
Vtown is just the other side of the river from Ptown.
A wonderland!

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BTW, have you ever been on the now defunct Was hoping to draw some folks from there since they shut down shop last year. also approached the owner to see if he’s’ willing to let HO have the discussion archives but didn’t hear back. If there is interest, we can always try to get a few PNWers here first (I don’t think there are many yet) and perhaps ask again.

Now that Nick’s a deli King , I’m not sure of his interest. That’s a great idea though.
Someone bought the domain which sort of sucks.

No, the domain forwards to one of Nick’s restaurants. So I think he still owns the domain.

I saw that. Didn’t know it was his/theirs.

Thank you for the listing. When the Olympics were in Vancouver, B.C. Some people made hotel reservations in Vancouver, Wa hotels. I kid you not.

I used to shop at Butcher Boys occasionally but stopped after some bad service/butchering skill and the nasty attitude of one of their employees, a family member of the owner I think. I don’t remember them having much lamb or lamb at all. What types of cuts do they have? Is it fresh or in their freezer case? If they have a good variety I’ll make a point of stopping. It is a bit out of the way for my normal shopping trip but I need a good excuse to go to Anoush Deli for a Gyro anyway.

I like New seasons for their lamb shanks, beef short ribs, and the tiny baby backs they sometimes have. I used to like their chickens but they recently switched to “smart” chicken brand which I don’t like as much.

Chucks meat dept is not bad. I like their brisket and you never know what you might find in their freezer case. I think I have seen alligator. Sometimes their produce goes bad unusually fast. I think they buy some “seconds” or something which does result in some really good deals but you have to eat it fast. They have the best dill in town. Some of their cashiers are odd. I could come up with a few instances but last time the cashier mentioned that the cilantro bunch I bought looked too big. I told him it was just one bunch. When I got home I noticed he charged me for two. We had had a whole damn conversation about it.

I don’t think I have been to whole foods since New Seasons moved in. I have never heard of Mayers or Old Brick Farms. I’ll have to check them out. Especially Old Brick. Do they have a website? I searched for Old Brick Farms and Red Brick Farm but I can’t find anything other than a listing on a county resource page. It did give an address and phone number so I will be able to find them but I would not mind getting on their email list.

If you find yourself in Camas, Navidi’s Olive Oil carries Reister Farms lamb in a small freezer by the door. They sometimes have cuts that you can’t get at New Seasons. It is hit and miss as to what they have in stock. I like the lamb sticks as a good walking around snack.


That is too funny about the Olympics and the hotels. Before being laid off I spent a lot of time in CA and that is where I got the “you live in Canada?” bit.

Butcher Boys lamb is in the freezer. They have shank and chops normally. Interesting you mention Anoush Deli. Perhaps that would be a good follow-up list? European deli/grocery? There are a lot here and I go to a few favorites.

Chuck’s does have some odd folks working there, I agree. There is also a distinct difference in the Salmon Creek and Fisher’s landing locations. I like Salmon Creek and it is closest to my house.

There is no website for Old Brick Farm. Here is the email from the owner and a copy of an October email newsblast (it seems I have trashed the most recent ones).

Old Brick Farm

"your local source for all-natural"


BUT don’t worry… we always have extra birds. Chickens will be available at our store beginning this Friday, October 5th. However, supplies will be limited. They will be frozen.

For Those Who Pre-Ordered:

Texts/emails were sent out last week and yesterday to the contact method you provided. If, for some reason, you did not receive these texts/emails, pickup info is as follows:

The chickens will be processed this Thursday, October 4th. You may pickup your pre-ordered birds anytime between 5pm and 8pm on this day. You will come to our farm to pickup your chicken(s). DO NOT GO TO OUR STORE TO PICK UP YOUR BIRDS. Our farm is located at 12718 NE 159th St. in Brush Prairie - just down the road from our store. If you are unable to come on Thursday evening to pickup your chickens, you may pick them up on Friday, October 5th at our store. They will, however, be frozen.

_ _


· Whole Pastured Chickens: Beginning Friday, October 5th - SUPPLIES WILL BE LIMITED

· Fresh Apple Cider: 100% pressed organic apples - not pasteurized

Grape Juice: made of 100% organic Concord grapes grown on our farm - no sugar added - concentrated, just add water & sugar to your taste _

_ _


$1 off any package of ground sausage (mild breakfast, sweet Italian, hot Italian) or ground pork


Thanks, I’ll email them.

I’d love to read a post of your impressions of European stores (or any other interesting stores for that matter) in the area. I only been to Anoush and the one by the mall (the one with all the cookies.) I live in the western gorge area so most of my shopping is on the east end of town which is mainly chains but I’ll drive anywhere for a good or interesting market. I know of Anoush because I used to shop frequently at the Asian market down the street. I like their selection of feta.

If you happen to go to the farm, Mayers Meat is not far so it would be worth hitting both. Those are my two go to’s for meat.

Cool, that will make it that much easier to convince my husband into going. Maybe once the snow melts a bit.

Check the hours tho. Mayers is closed I think Sun & Mon, could be wrong and the farm store opens late, like 10 or 11