Valence (also Briancon, Montelimar and Aubenas)

Our recent European trip included a lunch stop in Briancon and 3 days in Valence, with day trips to Montelimar and Aubenas. Mostly we ate very well.

These are the restaurants we tried:


Le Peche Gourmand - A wonderful lunch. Very creative and beautifully served. A real find.


Flaveurs - One Michelin star. I wouldn’t have given it one. Good food but no choices and all dishes were fish or seafood. To add a meat course you have to get the 7-course menu and it would be too much to eat. The place felt rather somber and cheerless.

La Cachette - Also one Michelin star. This would be worth a trip from anywhere. No choice menu but every dish was interesting, prepared by a Japanese chef. Simple atmosphere but excellent service and timing. Be prepared to spend up to 3 hours.

Andre - Affiliated with the adjoining restaurant Pic, which has 3 Michelin stars. I don’t know how good Pic is but to my mind $380 per person could never be worth spending. Andre is nowhere near this but is still pricy for a bistro of no great distinction. The food wasn’t bad but lacked excitement and creativity.


Cafe de l’Ardeche - An elegant room with an excellent lunch menu and perfect service.


Notes de Saveurs - Beautiful outdoor terrace with panoramic views. The food lives up to the atmosphere. 3-course lunch menu at 39 is good value.

A complete report with more detail and photos is on my blog: