Vaccine Shot Lunch Help Marlborough MA

hey Onions.

So I’m getting my first dose this weekend in Marlborough MA. I’ve never been Marlborough I don’t think, but for sure never to eat.

I pulled up a map and saw there was a Thai and a Vietnamese place next door. I wasn’t even thinking about food but it made me think - maybe there is something interesting worth trying (take out only still for me) while I’m there.

Anyone have intel? Places and favorite items? I’ll have to go back in a few weeks for shot #2 too!



It’s been a looong time, but back when I worked in Marlboro Chez Siam was a solid choice for Thai. Not destination-worthy or anything but reliable for lunch. Takeout would be my suggestion as the dining room was on the small side.

Marlboro’s compact downtown on Main Street has been home to various owner-operated restaurants over the years, though I wouldn’t know what’s there these days. Hoping someone has more recent suggestions.

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I’ve always heard good things about Westborough Korean Restaurant in the next town over, but have never gotten there myself.


If Westboro isn’t too far afield for you, you could also consider treating yourself with ice cream from Uhlman’s. It’s an ice cream stand so no need to venture indoors.

I heard a rumor (from myself, after I made this up) that it’s mandatory to celebrate with ice cream after getting your vax. LOL, and also now my plan to get ice cream somewhere post-vax.


Thanks for the ideas! Just excited to get stuck. Food will be icing on the cake.

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Have always heard good things about Firefly BBQ, opens at 11:30 on the weekend.

Congratulations on the shot! I could not believe the anxiety that drained away as the needle went in.


Nice idea. Have not been to Firefly’s in a long while. Also not far down the road from Chez Siam, so easy to check out both spots.

Pretty good as I recall, though not on par with Texan or Southern BBQ standards in my opinion.

I would definitely consider Firefly’s for BBQ-craving life forms like me (on weekends, when they are open for lunch as duly noted by @grumpyspatient).

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I appreciated everyone’s input so wanted to post back with my “non-post back post”. . . . .

I did get my first shot - yeah - and was going to try Chez Siam. Unfortunately I didn’t really check their website and they close between lunch and dinner shifts (get it, just didn’t think about it). So my timing was just off. But I should be back in a few weeks!

Thanks again for the suggestions.