Uwajimaya Seattle - ID

What are your favorites in the food court? I can’t seem to break away from Shilla, where I always get Bulgogi. It is pretty good for the price, and it is very convenient to my apt. But if I did bust out, what should I try next? The fast food chinese steam tables look greasy/sketchy, like the food has been out for awhile and might give you the runs. TMI - sorry.

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Haven’t been to the food court in a while, if I want something fast I might get a sushi roll or some poke and a red bean mochi from the regular retail store side. If you have more time, Dough Zone up the block on 5th has good soup dumplings.

Thank you. I’ve been to the Dough Zone in Bellevue. First time I went I was a fan. Second time just ok. Third time and have not been inspired to return. Maybe I will do some experimenting in the foodcourt, and share my recs with y’all :slight_smile: I have partaken of the bakery red bean buns before, as well as the lovely Beard Papa. I miss the Ellenos stand.

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold