Using speech-to-text on an Apple or Android device

Does anyone here use such a feature on their iPhone or Samsung phone? Does it work well? Before I go through the effort to learn how these features work, I figured I would ask about other’s experiences.

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given the mess autocorrect / autocomplete makes, it’ll be interesting to see how the speeching thing works…

I’ve used voice to text on iOS a good bit. Background noise is a problem. Doing it in public seems rude to me, but that’s an opinion. For a short message it’s faster to poke it in on the Chiclet keyboard. For a long message I wait until I get to a computer with a big boy keyboard. Lots of misspellings and incorrect words to fix. Overall, a C+.

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Autocorrect is responsible for the demise of English.
Their, there, they’re, its, it’s etc.
talk to text creates most of these miscues, I contend
because figuring context is a bit harder.

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I use it, and just for laughs I’m using it in this response. It usually works better if I come back and proofread, but I most commonly use it when my hands are occupied or I have more to say than I want to tap out on the keyboard.

I’m fairly certain, however, that there is a small but sentient being inside my phone who hates me and is out to convince the world that I am drunk, illiterate, or some combination thereof.


The opportunity for science! A test sequence checking the accuracy of speech to text after each of a number of glasses of wine…

The problem is that most of the time I’m sober…and of all the things I’ve been called, illiterate isn’t one of them!

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Free pass on literacy. You could be the observer for the science experiment.

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We can add lazy too. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: