User testimonials needed

I need some user testimonials to be put in the About page here. If anyone’s interested, please send a short blurb on what you get out of the site to me. Many thanks!

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BTW, no real name is needed.

Hungry is a Consumer Reports for all things food-related. Members provide thoughtful comments on their experiences with recipes, restaurants, retailers, and equipment, without shilling or commercial advertising.


Thanks! Inserted into the Testimonials section. Should I use your user name or your first name?

Anyone wants to provide a testimonial on the community aspect of the site?

User name. I didn’t see a way to post directly in the testimonials section.

ok. its already using your user name.

You can’t post into the testimonial section. I have to update it.

Visiting Hungry Onion after a long day working (or cooking) is like stepping into your local cafe and chatting with friendly folks who are knowledgeable about all things food and drink and generous with that knowledge.

Except this local cafe spans the globe and seats thousands.


Thanks! Its incorporated.

Space for one more. Anyone interested?

I’m confused !?!??!?!?!? (nothing new here honestly)

When I come here, the “homepage” for me is the page seen to the left. However when I click the new-ish “About” table in yellow on the top right of the screen I’m brought to this new sexy page, on the right. Why isn’t that the homepage that greets new comers to the site? If it is, why isn’t it for me?

Regarding my testimonial:

Hungry Onion is more than your typical food related web site, it’s a community. A community of like minded food centric people sharing all things food related. Come have a seat at our table !!


Come where the kewl kids are!! HungryOnion.ORG…COMING SPRING OF 2017 “THE NOTJR BOARD” !!!


Hmmph, yeah. That About page can certainly be the ‘landing’ page for everyone. I will probably break the site by moving the subdomain names around like that though. So for now this will have to do. But hopefully newcomers who is utterly confused by the forum have at least the About button to click and hopefully figure it out.

Thanks! I will incorporate this shortly. Ran into some problems that I need to resolve before I can update the testimonials.

Incorporated! Thanks!

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Fish market.
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