US Open 2022 Eats

Thought I’d start a thread for those of us attending the Open. We typically swing by Mama’s (Leo’s Latticini) for a Mama’s special and bring it to the grounds for lunch. At least one dinner is SriPraPhai and, if we drive, we’ll head to little pepper or legend of taste for one dinner. If we’ve taken the subway, fu run was a favorite but, since they’ve closed :sob: we’re looking forward to trying some new places. Also, as a pizza obsessive, I’m a little embarrassed to admit I’ve not been to lucia, hoping to get there at least once during this Open.

Once, during a rain delay, we ate at rincon criollo, lot of fun, and the food was delicious: Perhaps we’ll try to get there this year.



You might also swing by for a look at the Ecuadorian restaurant Leticias, near Corona Plaza:

Shown below: a tripa mishqui taco, filled with grilled pork intestines; “tres chanchitos,” loosely, “three little piggies" in the form of fritada, hornado, and chorizo; and chaulafan, Ecuadorian fried rice, in a deep bowl that points to the dish’s origins among Chinese immigrant workers.

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We’re probably going to be at the Quals either Tues 8/23 or Wed 8/24 (the week before the US Open) & then we have tickets for Mon 8/29, Thurs 9/1 & Sat 9/3. If anyone is interested in dinner after watching tennis on any of those dates, let me know. Maybe we can coordinate something. We’ll have a car parked somewhere reasonably nearby, so Little Pepper or Legend of Taste are not out of range.

thank you dave, looks wonderful!

My wife will be at the quals with her hs tennis team on 8/23, trying to figure out if I’ll be able to join her after the team heads back to westchester. We have open tickets fri 9/2, still trying to figure out the other days, like so much of our life, our attendance seems to revolve around walking our dog :joy:

too bad we can’t hit some tennis balls on the public courts with her co-coach, he’s a 4.5, runs like the wind and, unlike me, never misses. crazy frustrating to play against. Playing doubles with him, I’ve seen calm people start throwing their racket around out of sheer frustration.


Spoiler Alert: Matt Fitzpatrick

As you know, wrong US Open.
But a very nice golf win nonetheless.


might as well go full Constanza

Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Shop | Food & Beverage | Visit the US Open - Official Site of the 2022 US Open Tennis Championships - A USTA Event

leo latticini mama’s special


Well done ! Enjoy ! I love the us open most esp cuz all the wall to wall action late into the night.

We were at the Quals on 2 days & have been, so far, at the Open 1 day (going back tomorrow). So, have we hit Leo’s? Nope. How about any place on Roosevelt Ave? Nope. Flushing? Nope. Legend of Taste, Little Pepper, Sri? Uhh, nope. We drove home each time and went to Indian Table, Noodle Pudding & got delivery from Table 87 on the 3rd time. I feel like a failure. Oh, wait… we didn’t go to the Quals last Friday. We were home. So, where did we meet friends for dinner? Park Side of course. Two blocks from where we parked each of the 3 days we went to see tennis. Anyone wanna recommend a good planning course?

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in addition to rice cakes, finally swung by lucia in flushing and while the melt was fantastic, didn’t love the bake which I found to be a little tough.

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dave, if you find yourself in our old neck of the woods, there is good ecuadorian food to be found in ossining and peekskill. In fact, one could easily fashion a pan-latin crawl (car needed). Not sure if peekskill still has their annual Ecuadorian festival but if so, it was a lot of fun.


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@vinouspleasure i think you should start a nyc pizza thread

I strained or perhaps tore my Achilles yesterday, hoping to make it back to the open tomorrow followed by a visit somewhere or other but waiting to see how it comes out of RICE protocol. what a drag it is getting old…

For me there’s only one element of planning: happy wife, happy life :smile: Luckily my wife loves sri and after crunching a lot of data, I’ve come to the conclusions she will put up with my culinary detours at a rate of eleven acceptable restaurants to one culinary detour, where acceptable = clean, well-lit and safe, pick two :smile:

What were we talking about?