Urban Foraging - Share Your Finds


EThose are so amazing looking! I love wild berries, we don’t have any around here.

(ChristinaM) #22

They were good - like tart raspberries. Apparently they are a Japanese/Korean cultivar that invaded wild areas?

(Denise) #23

If backyard foraging counts, we lucked upon these blackberries today before the birds did. Blackberry brambles hide among the trees here and there due to plantings years ago by previous owners.

Good time to look for blackberries. Just watch for the thorny branches.

(Dan) #24

Wow! I havent foraged in NJ but I do travel to most of the pick your own fams…if that counts.

You all are lucky!

(Kathy S. ) #25

My sentiments exactly, there’s absolutely nothing to forage in Las Vegas. Pet rocks, perhaps?


Chickweed. I’ve been putting it in soup and salads. At Thanksgiving I used it as a bed for roasted delicata rings with pomegranite seeds and pistachios. Pretty!

But it is a nuisance to harvest, clean, and prep.


Can you elaborate?


The maypops do not seem to be a variety good for human consumption. I only saw one partial fruit with evidence of animal bites. I picked at every size/stage/firmness and they were always rather hollow inside and very pithy. Great variety for prolific foliage and flowering for a long hot season!


It grows very low to the ground, so sometimes there is mud to clean off.

It usually grows amongst other weeds, so when you snip the tops you usually have to pick out other stuff from the harvest.

The leaves are small, about thumbnail-sized. I find the stalk below the top inch or so to be stringy, so I use the top inch, and then pluck the individual leaves from the lower portions.

Fiddly work! It’s a nice green, but I wouldn’t want to process it every day.