Urban Coal House, Red Bank, NJ

Looks like Tommy’s changed their name and website:


Not sure the name change is an improvement, but the menu looks the same.

Slightly off topic - but - corner of rt35 and West Park Ave. Was a steak house, then Tommie’s, then Nino’s. Last I looked the place looked empty.

Anyone know anything about this location?

I know a little about it, you are correct it is vacant! Nothing known to be moving in any time soon, Nino’s closed about 4 mos. ago.

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It is my understanding Tommy (there is an actual Tommy) divested himself of the Red Bank location around the time they / he opened the Sea Bright location. It kind of makes sense, I think Sea Bright is open about a year now, they probably had use of the Tommy’s name for a year then had to change it. (just my guess) Not sure about the Lakewood location.

Well according to the website these guys are selling coal in Hoboken, Paramus, Red Bank, & Brick.

So if you need some for your kids stocking you know where to find it.

Yep, sounds like all the old Tommy’s locations. So Tommy divested himself of the pizza brand for the Tap House / Sea Bright brand.

Where do you think all the sea bright customers come from? That place was RAILED every night this past summer. I’m talking about large waiting lines outside the place…crazy. I wonder what the ratio of local to tourist people is.

@corvette_johnny and @NotJrvedivici we went to SB Tommy’s on a Sunday a week or two ago. It was PACKED when we got there and I was marveling at how opposite it is from the BBQ spot in Rumson at the same time. They told us 45 minute wait when we arrived (7/8ish?) but sat at the bar, by the time we walked out an hour-ish later, plenty of tables. This could have had a lot to do with the ending of the big 4 PM football games. IMO, the only thing really worth eating here are the wings. I love those grilled wings so much.

Combined, I’ve eaten at both locations several dozen times. Nothing has ever “wowed” me but nothing has ever been bad. I think that is the ticket around here. Mediocre food + liquor =success. This is the @VikingKaj equation and it seems to hold truth.

I LOVE the wings at tommys. They blow away anything else they have to offer. I’ve had countless pizzas, burgers, and pasta dishes and they were all ok.

If they wanted to blow some minds, cut their charcoal with 20% hickory and then flash fry those wings for a minute or two. It would add some smoke and crunch factor to an already amazingly seasoned wing.


Since we live in Red Bank, the Urban Coalhouse, nee Tommy’s Coal Fired Pizza, is a easy go to when just want to get out. We love their Happy Hour with good prices on drinks and good, basic bar food on their Happy Hour menu(12:00-7:00pm weekdays and all day weekends). You have to sit at the bar or at the high tables (they sit four) in the bar area to get the HH prices. On weekday evenings you need to get there around 4:30/5:00pm to get a table. We usually start by splitting a salad. Then on to the real stuff…the wings, as others have said, are excellent; the meatballs and the personal pies are also quite good. All in all, a nice venue, with decent bar food at a good price (during HH).

Have you ever tried zonis up the road on 35 in middletown? I like their coal pizza better but it’s byob and doesn’t have the vibe that Tommy’s does. They always have coupons in that booklet you get in the mail (if you live in the middletown area)

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Never been to Zonis, although the many times I pass it I think about how I can re-appropriate that great little “Pizza” neon sign out by the highway. Will have to give it a try. BTW, the coupon book you mentioned has 3 coups for Europa Grill…assuming I get the same one as you (I’m in RB).

Yeah that’s the booklet. Try their wings out…pretty good. I like their Margherita pie too.

UCH is running a bogo on all pizzas, all day everyday until 8/31. Enjoyed the artichoke/spinach and Don meatlovers with a few cocktails earlier. Love the char thin crust.