Uploading video from an iPhone

Is it possible? I uploaded a video and only the audio worked; there was no picture.

Works for me.

Thanks. I’ll go investigate further. Could be my desktop browser.

Also, “thanks”, it’s 7AM and now I want to go bake brownies.

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Your upload is a .MP4 file, mine gets uploaded as a .MOV file. I’m not sure if that’s the issue. Would you know how I could change it to a .MP4 for testing?

Hmm… cho.co.late…

Maybe the software does not support mov files. I don’t have mov files on this laptop but i’m testing an mpg…

Yeah, seems to work.

Is there some way you can convert mov files to mpg, Bmorecupcake?

@Babette, was this a video you captured yourself on your iPhone, or a video someone else sent you?

That was captured by me on iPhone 7 and uploaded from same phone. Don’t know how to save as a different format on phone.

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but then i tried to upload something from my laptop that was an M4V format that’s not supported, so … :thinking:

This is from an Android phone, it’s an MP4 file.

That worked. I’ll post again from the iPhone.

This is from an iPhone XS:

Video won’t show, it’s a MOV file.

I did several tests with iphone 7 and X, several videos made with default Camera app, they are all in .mov format when they are shot with both HD or 4K fps.

The MOV videos uploaded on HO (@bmorecupcake’s XS video) can be seen on iphone but not regular desktop browsers, that doesn’t support MOV format.

So for video to work, one needs to convert the video from MOV to MP4. There are numerous online sites that propose to convert freely the files.

I wonder what app @Babette used to shoot the MP4 format video shown above? Or was the video shot with an older OS on 7? I’ve iphone 7 (iOS 12) but video format is in MOV.


What are the formats of video accepted by HO?
What is the policy of uploading videos in HO?


Thanks for your investigation. One solution I found is to send the video via WhatsApp to the Android phone. It will be converted to MP4. But hopefully there is a simpler solution.

The view from my window right now. This one’s in MOV so I don’t know what’s going on. The chocolate one was only a month ago, it’s possible something has changed since then. ??? I’m on 13.5.1 now. Both filmed with the camera, no special app or anything.

supported formats

Screen Shot 2020-07-13 at 11.09.26 AM

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