Updated -- where to eat near I-95 between DC and FL

I posted this in “all other” although it’s aimed mainly at the northeast. It’s an updated and curated compilation of good local, non-chain places to eat close to I-95 from DC south, and now continues on to Key West. And there are additional local restaurants once you get to the Palm Beaches or to Key West. https://johntannersbbqblog.wordpress.com/2021/11/04/best-places-to-eat-near-i-95-between-washington-dc-and-miami-and-on-to-key-west-2021/

I welcome suggestions north of DC and in NE Florida – and anywhere else for that matter.


we’ve been purchasing sausage from smith red and white for many years. I think it’s crazy not to throw them into a cooler with ice but I know some people don’t feel it’s necessary.

this trip I had an interesting conversation with a woman who works behind the sausage counter. I ordered a pound of hot and a pound of mild, while she was wrapping I asked how long they’d been air dried and she said demand was so high, the sausage I was buying was fresh. I was surprised, it probably changes the taste profile.

update tomorrow when we fry some up!


hard to tell without tasting side by side, but the fresh sausage didn’t seem to have the same complexity as the sausage we typically purchase from smith’s but who knows, might be my imagination. still a unique and delicious sausage.

@johntannerbbq i’m gonna suggest you include white swan bbq in smithfield on your list. The pork is cooked low and slow, yes over gas, but still delicious. But for us, the pork is really a side show, we’re there primarily for the fried chicken and to-die-for, hot hush puppies. I get a chicken dinner, my wife a bbq tray, sweet tea, we split everything and good to go. Though it is really hard not to order another 20 hushpuppies to go…

Love the converted gas station, seems like all locals, they’ve been in business for 50+ years for a reason:


ps we’ve been to their other location, the one in smithfield is the only one we visit now.

I think that the air drying has much the sea effect as aging a steak. That’s a guess, but the air drying really makes a difference. AMNd I’m looking to get down to White Swan.

Oh - I added White Swan tp the “Near I-95 list”