Upcoming changes to front pages layout

Heads up- The forum software developer is changing the way the software displays the front page. Instead of lists of topics in each category (region, cooking, etc.), it will be a merged list of latest topics from all categories.

Looks something like this:

Pros: You can now tell which category the thread is from.
Cons: The list has everything. If you don’t care about certain categories e.g. region, you’ll need to click on the category you do care to see only the threads there

This is part of the software, so no choice on whether we want it or not. This change will be implemented the next time I update the software.

Guess I have to see it before I start griping about it.:sunglasses:

Down the Chow rabbit hole we go…

They had the same layout on FTC , It sucked and just went back to the original . Don’t do it .

So there is an option to go back? Good.

From your perspective, how does it suck? Just gathering opinions.

To busy . You can look at the discussion over there . It copy and paste .

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To add to @emglow101’s comments: as the most active board on the site is the Los Angeles one, all the posts were L.A.-centric, thereby likely giving a newcomer the impression that the site only has L.A.-related content.

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