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This was a pretty funny read.

Care to share yours?


That was entertaining, hilarious and honest … as a hater of raisins I totally related and laughed out loud


I’m going to be bold here; curly kale is a sinister plot, even if it’s had the hell massaged out of it.


The guy ranting about bacon is a lunatic. Name me one food bacon won’t make better. You can wrap dog poop in bacon and it would probably be good lol.


I have lots of them.:grin:

I loathe raw fish (or “seared” fish, and and am not much fonder of acid-“cooked” seafood as ceviche, though at least that doesn’t have the weird raw-fish texture of actually-raw seafood). Indeed, I’ve always preferred fish slightly “overdone” by proper standards (not to the point of dryness, but definitely flaky versus just beginning to flake…)

In my older age, I can manage to put down very slightly not-totally-cooked scrambled eggs, but afaic, fried eggs (except, in mild extremis, those weird, but at least hard-cooked, egg-donuts on McD’s egg McMuffins…) and hard-cooked eggs that aren’t actually hard are the Work of the Devil. (And apparently I have a much more robust digestive tract than your average French gourmand, because I’ve never had the slightest trouble digesting them…:wink:)

Also, I do not like offal. (A touch of liver in sausages or pates is one thing, but that’s about as far as I’m able/willing to go in the non-muscle-meat department.) Not to mention that short of imminent starvation (maybe), nothing on Earth, in heaven, or in hell will ever get me to put natto in my mouth…:zipper_mouth_face:

As far as the opinions expressed in the article are concerned, the only one that really shook me at all was the soggy fries thing. And if she means soggy but hot, at least, I can even accept that. After a fashion, anyway. As for the rest… under-ripe bananas, savory oatmeal (if any oatmeal at all), and egg fu yung are “unpopular”? Anyone care to join me in a rousing chorus of : “Mammas, Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Foodies”…? :roll_eyes:/:grin:


NOW we’re talking!


I do agree that anyone who dislikes bacon that much must be an undiagnosed sociopath, but I’m also not in the “bacon makes everything better” camp. Bacon makes many things better, but not things that are already extremely fatty, or have a strong, but “different”, meaty flavor…

Aside from at least half of the bizarre “bacon and” combos the Interwebz have come up with over the past 10 years or so, I have to admit I don’t even like bacon-burgers, and bacon-cheeseburgers are that much worse. It’s not a problem with mixing beef and pork, since I like mixed-meat sausage and meatballs (with or without veal, too), and I have no problem with very fatty meat-products per se (like country pate, etc., not to mention, bacon.:grin:) But somehow that particular combination of extreme fat and flavors just doesn’t work for me. I don’t hate them, and will eat them if I happen to find them on a plate in front of me, but would never ask for one.)

On the other hand, I somewhat shamefacedly admit that I have on more than one occasion, and no doubt will again, eat as much as a pound (pre-cooking) of bacon in the space of a few hours. Not that I ever actually intend to do so of course (any more than anyone intends to eat half a gallon of ice cream in a sitting :wink:) but sometimes when I’ve cooked a whole package, planning to eat it over the course of a week of workdays, I find myself constantly going to the fridge for “just one more slice or two”… Until I’m down to the last few, when it seems ridiculous to keep pretending that I might actually not eat them all, and promptly do so…:grin:


Green banana guy obviously doesn’t like bananas, because green bananas don’t taste like bananas.

On the subject of bananas: I like (ripe) bananas, but I can’t stand them in anything else - they’re a food pollutant. Anything near a banana gets infected by banana smell and flavor. Someone sitting next to me eating an overripe banana, I could be eating bacon and it will start to taste of banana.

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Yeah, it’s funny. Except for the natto (and probably some other esoteric fermented vegetable products I’ve yet to encounter), I have no problem with anything from the vegetable kingdom (including natto’s not-totally-distant cousin, tempeh), and have met very few plant-based seasonings I don’t like in their place. But I’m very definitely a wimp when it comes to animals and their parts. Though not lamb, even as a very young kid (no pun intended), even when my mother had to douse beef with ketchup to get me to eat it… (I might put that down to my Greek genes, except that “real Greeks” look at me like I have two heads when I tell them I like my roast lamb medium-rare to rare… which probably doesn’t come from the Ashkenazi-Jewish side of the family, either…:grin:)

I do prefer bananas tinged with green so they still have a bit of “snap” when you bit into them and they’re slightly less sugary-sweet, but totally green, or even just-yellow-tinged green, bananas are gross, raw. (Cooked, they can be OK, though I prefer plaintains.) Like what I imagine eating raw potatoes would taste like… But I’m definitely with you on the “just bananas” part. Banana bread, muffins, etc, are not my friends, and upon being told once by a wine-store clerk that a particular Irish whiskey was “especially interesting” because it had a hint of cooked-banana aroma and flavor to it, I just laughed and said “say no more, what’s this (other) one like?”…

I’d like to know why kale constantly gets massaged for free :thinking:


Lol right? :joy:

You know how the conspiracy theorists reckon there’s a secret group that really rules the world? Well, I reckon that there’s a secret group amongst the members of the secret group that is trying to promote kale as the future of food. And, what is really scary, they are possibly winning. Look everywhere and you’ll find the stuff - casually lurking amongst otherwise pleasant mixed greens (as happens in my local dining pub), hiding in soups for which there is no real place. It’s insidious and the list grows almost daily. I call on the people to stand up and resist - it is already bad enough that we have Brussels sprouts to deal with.

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Apple crumble and custard. Probably

Love this! thanks for sharing. I’ll second the raisins. Especially when they pop up in places like meatballs or the green ones that hide in the danish!

I hate raw oysters and clams. I just don’t like the slimy texture. I love them fried or grilled though, (like clams casino with crispy bacon :slightly_smiling_face:, or fried oyster po boys, or chargrilled oysters ala Dragos in New Orleans, or Drew’s in Keyport, NJ).


Its funny to see all of these…and reminds us all to not take anyone’s food opinions as gospel.

If you like something (or don’t) I’m cool with that. Its your money and your mouth.

Unfortunately food writers far too often fall into the trap of singing the praises of their faves, or sounding the alarm about their hates, and telling the rest of us that we are somehow deficient (in intellect and/or palate) if we dont agree with them. Thats when I simply quit reading.

(Example is the savoury oatmeal…she likes it, great. But she then asks who wants a mapley sweet bowl of the stuff? Me, honey. You go eat yours, but if you dont want me to judge yours, dont judge mine.)


“ I love cilantro and actually think parsley’s the one that tastes like soap. “

I thought I was the only one that thinks fresh parsley tastes like soap! People always say cilantro has that taste, but to me parsley is the culprit. I love fresh cilantro, but parsley needs to be cooked into a dish to get rid of the Palmolive taste.

Indeed, sweet oatmeal is to be avoided, much preferred savoury.

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Maybe we should think the other way round, soap companies imitate so well the scent of herbs that we find soap the other way round now. In the beginning, I feel lemongrass detergent like.

Yes, you are onto something, especially when it comes to the foods we ate and loved as children. The connection between memory, emotion and food can not be judged. Sometimes one just has to have a thinly sliced bologna sandwich on wonder bread with mayo, conversely anyone who ever overdosed on easy bake oven peanut butter cookies :roll_eyes: might have developed a lifelong aversion to peanut butter.

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