Uno Pizzeria New England

Never occurred to me to post this but they have run a special during August (and July?). Lobster Platter for $9.99 on Wednesdays and this is the first time a dish has actually looked as it did on the coupon. the lobster is only claw and knuckle as expected and it’s also frozen lobster. Despite that, I really enjoyed this. very little mayo, no fillers, toasted bun and a pretty good chowder and the fries are good too. I thought today was the last day for the deal but they will continue until Labor Day. Not sure if I would pay $18.99 but I’ll happylu pay $9.99.


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Lobster roll, fries, AND chowder? Sign me up! And I never knew that lobster rolls were mostly claw and knuckle. I thought the knuckle was often a favored part.

I had another one and will have another one on Monday.


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This deal continues during October. I have no problem paying $9.99 for this.