Univ. of Delaware

Taking my kid to visit U of D this weekend. Any nearby eats worth checking out?

Maybe. How far are you willing to drive? What kind of dining experience are you looking for?

And, even before you respond, I want to mention what might be one of the best-kept dining secrets in Newark – the Vita Nova restaurant upstairs in the Trebant Center, right on campus. http://www.lerner.udel.edu/departments/hrim/vita-nova-restaurant It’s run by the students of the Hotel, Restaurant and Institutional Management program, and if you can get in for lunch or, better, dinner, DO IT!!! My daughter is a graduate of that program, which is how we first learned about it.

Thanks Cindy. Will probably be a quick lunch at the end of our tour on our way back to NJ.

In that case, I’m afraid I can’t be of much help to you. I was prepared to offer suggestions for places outside Newark.

Cindy’s right. There isn’t much in Newark. The University restaurant is a bright spot. Skipjack is about two miles out of town on Paper Mill Rd. I’ve had great meals there and not so great ones. Cafe Gelato has a local following, but I’m very unimpressed.