union square donuts, somerville...

this morning, after i finished up at the farmers market, i was looking forward to picking up a salted, bourbon caramel donut on my way to market basket. imagine my disappointment when i found out that flavor is now seasonal, and on hiatus — for how long? they couldn’t say.

i’ve loved this flavor for years, and don’t ever remember it not being on the menu. hope it returns soon. i consoled myself with a dark chocolate. but next week i may try the cranberry ginger.


Salted bourbon caramel is seasonal? What season would that be for? Bummer, but I guess it’s good that they have a lot of other yummy flavors too.

Picked up an assortment of sufganyot. Halva pistachio cream was my favorite, but my SO and daughter preferred the traditional strawberry. Very high quality jam.
They could use a bit less filling, but they are the closest we’ve found to the Roladin sufganyot in Tel Aviv that we crave.