Union Square area for lunch

Hi, everyone! I’ve been going to Union Square a lot lately for physical therapy on my feet (they’re improving, and I can walk to a decent degree but not yet an hour and a half per day like I used to). A few days ago, I figured I’d try getting lunch takeout close to there but not too much of a detour for the direction I needed to head in (I live in the East Village). I thought I’d get some kind of Middle Eastern platter, so I looked up places on Yelp; Taboonette was highly rated, but their sabich pan was very disappointing - I ordered it on a salad base and it was mostly totally undressed salad, so different from Taim, who provide a lot of tahini and so on. And even their eggplant wasn’t that great to me, somehow. I would not recommend Taboonette and don’t plan on going back.

Anyway, my parameters are: within about 5 blocks of Union Square, but favoring directions south and east somewhat (so I’d say nothing west of 5th Ave or north of 21st St. for these purposes); good for takeout or even better, with outdoor dining that’s really outdoors (not some outbuilding with closed doors and air conditioning); and less than $25/person, all in for food (I almost never drink anything alcoholic before dinner). I’m pretty flexible in terms of cuisine, but as per the original Chowhound credo, it has to be delicious. :slight_smile:

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I just remembered: I have one other parameter, which is that I try to be low-carb, so while I’m a bit flexible, no pizza or the like.

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Hi Pan, So sorry to hear about your problem. I hope the physical therapy gets you healed and walking long distances again soon.

For take-out in that area, we like Daily Provisions, 19th St., off Park Ave. S., adjacent to Union Square Cafe. Our favorite thing to order there is the roast beef sandwich, big enough for us to share for a light lunch along with the North Fork Potato Chips. However, now that you’ve added the caveat re: low carbs, they do have lots of options other than sandwiches.

I know you said nothing above 21st St. Still, I’m going to mention another place we really like. Milu is on PAS, just off 24th St. Frankly, I usually don’t care much for Chinese; (though Mr. R. loves it); however, the Chinese food here is not ordinary and is quite delicious. The young woman who opened Milu used to be one of the cooks at EMP. Her talent and creativity are definitely on display here. One can dine inside (very nice interior) though as you know, like you, we are not doing indoor restaurant dining. There is an open hut outside, but we do take-out since our apartment is only two blocks away.


vaselka has outdoor seating, b&h dairy for takeout. if you like hunan, i’ve been itching to try silky kitchen, would love to hear what you think.

I would not consider those 5 blocks from Union Square. They’re in the East Village.

Freehold in the Park is IN Union Square, has outdoor seating, and is good for salads (and pizza, but that’s not for you).

agreed, would you consider 5th and 21st union square? thinking it is better to suggest a spot and let pan decide if it’s too far.

No, but that’s the boundary quoted, and I also know Pan lives in the East Village, so Veselka and B&H would be pretty known quantities.

Exactly. Those are places I could go to on the way home, rather than slight detours from Union Square.

Thanks, RGR! Really good-looking recommendations. And I can always try Milu when I’m better able to walk back from 24th St.

Silky Kitchen looks interesting! I’ll plan on stopping by one of these days.

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oh, ok, got it, no more recommendations outside of union square. enjoy!

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I’ll look into it, thanks. [Edited: Oh, the place on the north side of the park. I’ve never tried it.]

Thanks, and no problem! Just figure that any old-time place in the East Village close to St Mark’s Place is likely to be well-known to me.