Uniboil spicy hot pot in Davis

E699949B-6C7F-4E11-B218-7E9B05238329I recently had lunch with friends at Uniboil, a newly opened restaurant in Davis. It opened up in at Mansion square in the space formerly inhabited by Hometown Chinese. This is a chain that specializes in spicy hot pot noodle soups with the branches in Hong Kong and Southern California. Here is what we ate:

Satay beef noodle. This was very good, broth was very rich and flavorful.

Tomato pork udon. This was very different than anything other Chinese noodle soup have ever tried. The tomato flavor was very prominent and the soup was slightly spicy. It was a very satisfying combination.

Sichuan pepper pork feet noodle. I was expecting the pork feet would be sliced but they were actually whole stewed trotters. This was my favorite of the dishes we got. A spicy numbing flavor filled broth with tasty trotters.

All in all I was very pleasantly surprised how good this place was since in the past Davis had been a Mecca of mediocre Americanized Chinese restaurants.


Hometown Noodle had a long run in what had been a cursed location! Glad to see a good place open up there.

Good business opportunity— cheap rents and a college audience would make Davis a lot more appealing to So Cal chains than the Bay Area.

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Man, I miss hometown. I always enjoyed their beef noodle soup. I hope they pop up again somewhere.

Yes, the pig ear dish at Hometown was excellent too. My friend thought maybe they wanted to retire.

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