'Unfollowing' a topic?

Sorry if this has been covered elsewhere. Is there a way to ‘UNfollow’ a topic I’ve read so that it stops appearing in my ‘unread’ listing? I’ll sometimes take a look at a topic but later conclude it really isn’t of lasting interest. Having posts to it show up as ‘unread’ then just becomes annoying and unnecessarily time consuming. Thanks.

At the bottom of a topic (just below the “Invite,” “Bookmark,” etc. tags) is a dropdown indicating at what level you’re “following” a topic. Since you started this thread, you’ll probably see a “Watching” label. On the topics you want to unfollow, click on the arrow next to you’re following status and you can pick “Normal” or “Muted.”

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Kind of know this tip, useful when accidentally clicked on a topic. Thx

Thanks. I did that with the cheese topic but it kinda seems like that topic no longer shows as latest or new either. I only wanted it to not show as unread. Is it me or the software?

That’s what happens when you mute the topic (“You will never be notified of anything about this topic, and it will not appear in latest.”)

If you still want to see the topic, go for normal . . .you’ll only get notified if someone responds to a post of yours or if someone mentions you.

How in the world does “notified” go beyond an email notification to include showing as new and latest as well? Doesn’t make sense to me if that’s true. Seems strange. I had to search to even find that cheese topic. Oh, well.

I switched it to ‘watching’ mode to see what all that does.

bookmark the topic if you are interested

Not sure I follow your first paragraph, but “watching” will get you a notification any time there’s a new post in the topic.

What is the definition of ‘notification’? Is it an email only or does it include the topic showing in ‘new’ and or ‘latest’?

From my experience (and @hungryonion feel free to clarify here), notification means that if you’re not online at the time, you receive an e-mail; if you’re online, a popup appears in your status bar.

I never noticed a “new” category :blush: but “latest” is just that . . . like the old Chowhound home page, it lists every topic in descending order of the latest post. Unlike the old CH, if you mute a thread you’ll never see it listed in latest.

I haven’t been able to figure out how to get a photo to post here using my iPhone 4, so I’ll post again from my laptop later. “New” appears near ‘Latest’ in the index dropdown.

gaffk, Thanks for all your input. Here’s a pic of I referred to showing “New” in the right column.

Oh THANK you. That’s not sarcasm. I’m really delighted to know how to do this.

Aha. I had to poke around a little to find that view. I generally don’t navigate by that “three bar” icon, so I don’t see the “New.” Ya learn something new every day!

Sure Nonnie. I foresee a time when one of those Chowhound-like NAF threads erupts and makes the Mute option attractive :wink:

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There already was one in the very early stages of this new site '-D

Must have missed that one. I do recall a thread or two in the early days where I found myself thinking “I hope that user doesn’t stick around HO.” Fortunately (s)he didn’t.

I think you are probably right. I am not 100% certain either, being as new to this software as you. And there is no user manual for this software…!

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Thanks, Kim. I doubt I’d have noticed those options without your tip. Much better now!

Glad it helped!