Undici / Birravino Opinions [Rumson / Red Bank]

Thoughts on these two?

I find the former a bit overpriced, the latter very much so, likely due to location and clientele. That said, I think Birravino has an excellent burger, the pizzas are good, and they are great looking restaurants. Undici does a tasty frose in the summertime.

One night that sticks out in my mind at Undici was a birthday dinner for 6 - 3 adults, 3 kids under 13, one cheapish bottle of wine, and the tab came to over $550. It isnt like the prices are hidden, I always get a little buyer’s remorse afterward.


We have been to undici a few times over the years. The time that I remember the most (maybe 10ish years ago) was one of the first times going out with who turned out to be my husband years later. We went out with another couple or two and I remember it was around $70 per person! I was shocked. The most expensive restaurant I had ever been.

Birravino my husband loves way more than me. I like the option of the beer garden if it is nice out.

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There was an older conversation on Birravino but nothing recent, I’ve included the link to the older thread here. I, like you, can’t justify the value of eating at Undici, let’s be honest; Undici - Fromagarie / Rumson House - Salt Water - Victory Park Tavern are all there to appease the locals. There is enough 7 day a week dining out crowd in the local area that all these places have to do is serve “decent” food (see recent review of Victory Park Tavern) and they will do just fine. Undici does serve good food, but the prices are ridiculous but the locals will pay.


I think the food at Rumson House is more than just “decent.” (See my review of our dinner there on the Rumson House thread.) Can’t comment on the others you list as we’ve not been to them.

My comment which you are pointing out was not directed at any one restaurant but just in general, the fact is many restaurants in the area have survived serving just “decent” food. Regarding the Rumson House in particular, I had read your review and I was very happy that you had an enjoyable experience, my experience on the other hand was rather horrible. So much so that I have -0- desire to give them another try for a long, long time because it was just so bad. (@seal who had joined me for brunch has expressed similar sentiments in his own words)