Undersung 50 in Modern Luxury (SFB/Norcal)

Rebecca Flint Marx offers a solid selection of Bay Area gems, including obscurish places to dine in or shop at.

I’m a fan of:

Pasta Gina’s meatballs; beet salad with citrus and balsamic dressing
Roxie market: breakfast sandwich and Roxie special, but only on Dutch crunch
Haight Street market: for produce, sandwiches, etc. and Gus’s market, which is owned by the same people, in the Mission and which has a parking lot
Sun Fat Seafood: raw and live seafood
Dark Horse inn : I like their kimchi reuben, but I keep returning to their smoked chicken sandwich and fried pickles. Lots of good beers.
Marla Bakery: good brunch in their Richmond District location. They just opened a satellite location in the west-facing arcade area of the Ferry Building, and I enjoyed a chocolate and sea salt cookie and a huckleberry cake there recently. In the nearby stalls are Ft. Point Brewery and a Blue Bottle window with a minimal line!
Joe’s ice cream : their version of an It’s It (a Joe’s It) is great
Primavera : thanks to the use of fresh masa and really thick tortillas, their stall at Saturday ferry building farmers market has some of the crunchiest and delicious chilaquiles around. They come with a side of refried beans, in all their lardy splendor.
King Tsin : there was a Chowdown/HoDown listed on Chowhound and on Hungry Onion, and there are several other reports Chowhound

Mercado y Taqueria de Amigos I haven’t been in years, but if you’re in the area the taqueria in the Pescadero gas station is worth a stop if you’re in the area. Apparently it has a name. The chorizo taco is probably their best offering.

**Starter Bakery ** The kouign amann i a big hit, but I’m more of a savory person so I usually get their regular or sometimes pretzel croissant at the Grand Lake Farmer’s Market.

I’d add New Lun Ting on Jackson St. (know to us oldsters as “pork chop house”). A staggering amount of savory roast pork (or other protein) on a mountain of rice (with or without gravy, your option) has been keeping bodies and souls together since sometime before WWII. (Mine since 1962).

When I worked nearby years ago, I ordered the pork chop with onions often. ~$5 then. $8.25 now. Much nicer than the average financial district lunch.

I apparently have too much time on my hands and just browsed their Facebook page. Some notable quotes:

‘we are available for wedding receptions. she will be impressed.’

‘Like our high tech restroom door latch?’

‘come to porkchop house on Christmas day! we got a taoist priest to make our pork kosher.’